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Chandler is an open source Note-to-Self Organizer. It features calendaring, task and note management and consists of a desktop application, web application and a free sharing and back-up service called Chandler Hub. A Preview version of the software was released on September 10, 2007. Chandler is being developed by the Open Source Applications Foundation. The main programming language is Python, and it runs under Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. It is named after the mystery novelist Raymond Chandler, and inspired by a PIM from the 1980s called Lotus Agenda. According to the OSAF, the goal is to serve the way people actually work, independently and together, particularly in small groups, a traditionally underserved market segment. The belief is that personal and collaborative information work is by nature iterative and that the existing binary Done/Not-Done, Read/Unread, Flagged/Unflagged paradigm in productivity software poorly accommodates the reality of how people work. Web sharing and collaboration is enabled via the Chandler Hub. Chandler Desktop and Chandler Hub are cross-platform and standards-based. The Chandler Server provides web access to shared information that makes it easy for collaborators to hook into Chandler workflows without having to download the Desktop application.

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LICENSE :Apache Software License v. 2.0 OPERATING SYSTEM :Linux2 win32 : mac os x :


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