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Enomalism is an open source cloud computing platform. Designed to answer the complexity of managing globally disperse virtual server environments. Enomalism helps to automate the transition to a cloud computing environment by reducing an IT organizations overall workload. The easy to use dashboard can help with issues including deployment planning, load balancing, automatic VM migration, configuration management, capacity diagnosis and resource monitoring/metering. Multiple physical servers can be managed as a single server using a specialized tool set which include a centralized user provisioning system, virtualized server creation wizard and templates which facilitate virtual server configuration, application deployment mechanism, and integration into 3rd party applications via web services API as well as centralized user management.

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AUDIENCE :system administrator information technology : advanced users : DEVELOPMENT STATUS :beta LICENSE :gnu lesser general public license (lgpl) OPERATING SYSTEM :Linux2 FreeBSD : Solaris : PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE :Python DATABASE :Python Database API (Mysql)


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