1 6 Journal Entry From Problem To Persuasion Southern New Hampshire English123 Essay

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1-6 Journal
From Problem to Persuasion
Mariyah Kaegi
The first topic that I have chosen is how do children benefit from creative outlets in a school setting. Currently the public school system the main objective is to drive up tests scores in core subjects. On this side of the discussion, the Education system justifies the more rigid curriculums by the improved test scores of students. Thoroughly focused on subjects such as English and Math, they neglect the Arts education that shapes a child’s mind. On the other side of the discussion, creating an environment for children to freely express themselves gives opportunities for growth mental and physically while still holding on to their adolescence. I have already read quite a few articles about this topic and I believe that children should have creative outlets in a school setting. I personally choose this problem because I feel that my passion for writing began at an early age and the new system only stifles the artistic spirits if young minds.
The second topic is: can you make a sustainable living freelancing? Time magazine article states that 50% of the workforce in America will be doing freelance work by 2020. The Freelancer’s Union says freelancers contribute an estimated $1.4 trillion to the U.S. economy annually (Salemi). The pros of freelancing are that there is an unlimited amount of earning potential with hard work and dedication. There are also many cons to freelancing like no benefits or time-off, constantly looking for a new gig, and juggling many clients at once. The Time magazine article also says “freelance workforce mean a permanent state of non-permanent wages.” But though there is uncertainty, I see enough evidence to support that you can make a sustainable living from freelancing. I am personally interested in this topic because that is my future career will be.
I have decided that I will write about topic one: how do children benefit from creative outlets in a school setting. In many studies the involvement of Arts Education in children’s lives have improved test scores. My argument is not to decrease the education of your children but to increase their academic potential, by not stifling their creative outlets. By improving the public school system, with roughly 50.7 million students, we can guarantee better education for your children.
My audience is parents; they should know and understand the importance of children’s freedom of creative expression in their early developmental years. The school system is designed to help shape your children to become the next generation, so it is our jobs to make sure the system is providing the best learning environment possible. It is important that parents realize that my argument is based on years of research on the Arts and its benefits to children’s education.


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