10 Page Paper Reflecting The Cultural Aspects That An Mft Needs To Be Aware Of The Cultural Norms Mft Multicultural Competency Case Assignment

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An Interpretation of Jose
Marine Hakopyan
Touro University
MFT 616
An Interpretation of Jose
In different parts of the world culture is different because people view, value, and use symbols to represent who they are. People within a culture value the same things and sometimes they have the same opinion about a certain thing. For instance, in the Mexican culture they value family, extended family, and community. They value their family and community because in their culture they come together to help one another first before seeking outside help. “Latinas/os often wait until resources from extended family and close friends are exhausted before seeking help. Even in cases of severe mental illness, many delay obtaining assistance” (Sue and Sue Pg. 534). In many cultures, including my culture, we have traditions that we value. Traditional culture is the celebrations that our previous generations from our culture have passed down for their children to learn and acknowledge what they do. For many cultures their traditions have stay in their family, but now in these modern days many go own their own way and not follow their traditions. The people that are part of the non-traditional cultures are usually independent and have more freedom to do what they want. They are also more open to other cultural traditions, other than staying within their own culture. Sometimes culture can affect the way we think, how we assimilate things, and how we respond to someone.
Assessment of Case
Main Points
Jose is unhappy with his life and finds himself just surviving; he is stressed, doesn’t sleep and is gaining weight. He is the oldest child, caretaker to his family, male, single, no children and is currently goal orientated verses culturally orientated. Jose feels out of place, has dated out of his race and convinced a woman to have an abortion. He is less involved with family “traditional practices” including attending church and family functions due to pursuing his education and work. His free time involves boxing and being away from his family. He confides in his mother, they have a close relationship, however lacks on with his father due to the drinking and verbal abuse. Client has very few associates, has no friendships or intimate partner relations. Jose has neglected some of his personal needs however feels guilty for not being able to live up to the expectations of his family and culture.
Being a practicing Catholic, Jose is also neglecting his spiritual needs and has done things frowned upon within his spiritual beliefs and continues to condemn himself for convincing someone to commit abortion which is a considered a sin and has also lead him to refrain from developing any new intimate relations due to his guilt. It is interesting to see how much guilt and shame are used as a tool of control within a cultural basis and is emphasized as a traditional way and once one steps outside of those...

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