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Every man put on trial is considered innocent until proven guilty. In 12 Angry Men this theory can almost be considered false to the jurors involved in this murder case. But one man can be credited with sticking to the innocent until proven guilty theory that most likely saved a man's life. This juror must show 11 other jurors that he can prove with enough valid evidence that this boy is be wrongfully accused of killing his father. Reginald Rose shows us how that one mans integrity can prove to make a big difference in a kid's life. Juror #8 can be credited with saving someone's life. Under intense and hostile scrutiny juror #8 is the only juror to vote not guilty on the stabbing death of a boy's father. #8 doesn't believe straight out that this boy is innocent of this crime. #8 believes that it would wrong to send a boy off to be executed without discussing it first. Jurors #3 and #10 are the most hostile of the jurors. They believe deep down that this boy killed his father. They believe that everything they heard in the courtroom holds true and they don't really want to see this kid live any longer. Juror #8 still had reasonable doubt about the murder. He doesn't want to vote guilty until he has enough evidence that this boy did indeed kill his father. Many different points are made about the boy who supposedly stabbed his father, that are cross examined well by juror #8 who still stands alone at not guilty. All of the evidence that the 11 jurors found contains flaws in them. For instance the woman who supposedly witnessed the stabbing wasn't wearing her glasses. Also the stab wound in the boys father was made so that a taller man or boy could have made that type of wound with a switchblade knife. When these key pieces of evidence becomes clearer to the 11 jurors we start to see jurors questioning there own guilty vote. #9 is the second juror to vote guilty, because he too has some reasonable doubt. As more evidence is put on the table the 12 jurors come together and decide that this boy is innocent. In conclusion, juror #8 believes that every person is innocent until proven guilty. He was given many pieces of key evidence that showed this boys guilt but the evidence was examined carefully, and as more evidence was put out more jurors believed this boy was indeed innocent bringing them all together to believe this boys innocence


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887 words - 4 pages Twelve angry men is a movie about twelve jurors who have to decide whether or not to convict a boy of murdering his father. The physical aspects that affected the entire discussion about the murder case had to of been the enclosed room they were debating in. The room was like a jail cell, no one else left or came in. The room served as a thinking place for the jurors, and as they all had their own opinions on the matter.Juror 8 was the outspoken

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1460 words - 6 pages The Jury Who Had To Use Thinking SkillsIn Twelve Angry Men, a young man is on trial for stabbing and killing his father. Themovie focuses on twelve randomly selected citizens who are assigned the duty ofdetermining the fate of this 19 year old man. The jury is supposed to examine certainfacts and determine the truth based solely on the evidence presented to them in court. It isassumed that the jurors will judge fairly and without personal bias


639 words - 3 pages Changing VerdictsThe trials in both Billy Budd and Twelve Angry Men have a 'jury' of sorts, and in each story, the members of these juries are virtually unanimous in their decision, but one person remains who would vote against his/her fellow jurors. As it happens, both juries completely change the verdict from what it appeared each jury would have originally voted. I hope to show you the similarities/differences of these two stories by exposing

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2223 words - 9 pages Free Blockbuster Film Running Head: BLOCKBUSTER FILM’S AND PSYCHOLOGICAL CONCEPTS The Presence of Psychology: How a Blockbuster Film Incorporated Psychological Concepts Amanda Lozenich University of Houston Project Description: For this project I chose to analyze a Blockbuster Film for psychological concepts. By watching 12 Angry Men my goal was to examine the meaning behind particular scenes and how they could portray a social psychology concept. I

The Reclaiming Of Masculinity: A Regression Of The Female Voice In Mainstream Rock Music

2513 words - 11 pages obscurity of female bands- notably those of the Riot Grrrl movement of the early 1990s, a brash and in-your-face feminist development in music with bands like Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Hole, and Babes in Toyland- and the success of "angry girl" musicians of modern times; performers who are female and employ violent and sexual themes in their songs, but send few pro-feminist messages through their music, such as Alanis Morissette, Fiona Apple

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1268 words - 6 pages in Chapter 12 of book “The Dirty Work of Democracy” by Altbeker, The term “structure” means that human beings are limited in terms of the choices they make as well as the opportunities that they have in society. In such a case, we find that humans are subjected to the ways of society, hence they don’t really have a take on a lot of life’s patterns. Whereas “Agency” is different in the sense that individuals have the ability to act in an

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1095 words - 5 pages Free Vaneda Her English 12, Period 1 March 14, 2019 Shakespeare's Use of Stereotypes In ​Hamlet As readers of Shakespeare in the 21st century, the topic of gender roles, stereotypes, and hyper masculinity/ femininity become more apparent than ever. ​Hamlet​ was made in the 17th century where the gender roles in place during that time were drastically different to the current modern lifestyle. The further the story progresses in ​Hamlet​ the more

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2286 words - 10 pages 1 Kayla Hussey Professor Rodriguez War and Gender 12/8/16 Comparative of How British and German Soldiers Were Viewed in Society Post World War I: Physical and Psychological Traumas While the governments of each country were figuring out how to come back from World War One peacefully, returning soldiers were dealing with the traumas endured during their time at the war front. Wilfred Owens, a poet of World War One, writes, “My friend, you would

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963 words - 4 pages Why Young Marriages Should Not Be Allowed By Gulnozakhon Mirjumaeva ENC 1101 Professor Carter November 29th,2016 Creating a family requires maturity, understanding, and responsibility. The age at what people should get married is a question which many people argue about. Every country has its own law toward the age to get married such as, in Ecuador girls are allowed to marry at the age of 12, and boys are allowed to get married at the age of 14

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1449 words - 6 pages the name of Marysol Domenici along with her partner, Tony Pirone. The officers picked Grant and his friends out of the crowded train and pulled them onto the platform. Without question, one of Oscar Grant’s friends were cuffed and detained on the platform. Figuring that they did not do anything wrong, the rest of Grant’s friends and even the riders on the train grew angry. 3 other men including Grant were then lined up on the wall before his would

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846 words - 4 pages belief in the will of God is unshakeable, and he believes that God’s perfect army is only made up of men who killed in order to become men.Throughout the book, he tries to manipulate Todd, making him very angry in order to make Todd snap and kill Aaron, so that Todd will join God’s army. It is clear that despite Aaron’s flaws, he loves his religion, and so in order to add another to God’s perfect army, puts himself in front of Todd as a sacrifice

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1708 words - 7 pages conditions of the LON. Therefore, it could be argued that although the league of nations had maintained peace for many years, WW2 had brought the LON to an end, proving it had failed miserably. The losses of world war one emphasised the necessity of the league. Appeasement was in Britain's favour since the war created ‘devastation’ with deaths of 750,000 young men, debts were 7 billion, export markets lost industries (ship building & textiles

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4063 words - 17 pages his cap, been needing cut a long time, and he’s broad as papa was tall, broad across the jaw and shoulders and chest, a broad white devilish grin, and he’s hard in a different kind of way from papa, kind of the way a baseball is hard under the scuffed leather. (12) McMurphy is different in that he is not meek and won’t bend to the will of others because he doesn’t answer to anybody except himself and has no family or friends other than the men he

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1289 words - 6 pages arbitrarily imprison anyone without trial for an indefinite period. He lived in his magnificent palace at Versailles, completely oblivious to the rising tide of popular discontent. . . .” Q1: What kind of a ruler is Louis XVI? Q2: Why might the people of France be angry with King Louis XVI? Document 2: This diagram illustrates the three estates in 1789 and the land each held during the Old Regime. Q3: What conclusions can you draw about the

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1404 words - 6 pages Gender and Sexuality in Look Back in Anger and Top Girls INTRO John Osbourne was born on December 12, 1929 in West London to Thomas Godfrey Osborne, a commercial artist and advertising copywriter, and Nellie Beatrice Grove, a barmaid. He was their only son. He had a relatively normal childhood until his father died of tuberculosis in 1942, when Osbourne was only 12 years old. Though exact reasons were not known, John hated his mother. A fact