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Twelve angry men is a movie about twelve jurors who have to decide whether or not to convict a boy of murdering his father. The physical aspects that affected the entire discussion about the murder case had to of been the enclosed room they were debating in. The room was like a jail cell, no one else left or came in. The room served as a thinking place for the jurors, and as they all had their own opinions on the matter.Juror 8 was the outspoken man who thought the boy was innocent, he eventually convinced the rest of the jurors to think outside the facts, and look within themselves to find a reason of innocence. Another juror was acting like a fool, he couldn't see passed the crime beca ...view middle of the document...

The deviant had to of been the juror that had problems with his son. He just couldn't let go of the fact that he neglected his son and didn't really try to help him in any way. So, juror 8 was always giving off a negative vibe and never understood why they were helping the boy. He just thought that the boy who committed the murder was innocent, because he wasn't thinking straight, he kept picturing his son and how bad he treated him that definitely blocked his views towards the murder case. Towards the end of the debate, the deviant juror was finally sanctioned. The rest of the jurors finally got through to him, he totally understood that the problem wasn't him, it was towards losing his son. The deviant realized this and appreciated the help and advice the rest of the jurors gave to him. Only then he realized that the boy who murdered his father was innocent, through the facts and opinions he didn't want to accept.The way these men exchanged information was very difficult, it led to frustration witch led to anger, then eventually isolation. But the main leader was best at putting aside all arguments that were not of this case, he concentrated on the subject at hand, the boy's trial by justice. The designated leader provided trust and open mindedn...


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472 words - 2 pages Free Every man put on trial is considered innocent until proven guilty. In 12 Angry Men this theory can almost be considered false to the jurors involved in this murder case. But one man can be credited with sticking to the innocent until proven guilty theory that most likely saved a man's life. This juror must show 11 other jurors that he can prove with enough valid evidence that this boy is be wrongfully accused of killing his father. Reginald Rose

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1460 words - 6 pages The Jury Who Had To Use Thinking SkillsIn Twelve Angry Men, a young man is on trial for stabbing and killing his father. Themovie focuses on twelve randomly selected citizens who are assigned the duty ofdetermining the fate of this 19 year old man. The jury is supposed to examine certainfacts and determine the truth based solely on the evidence presented to them in court. It isassumed that the jurors will judge fairly and without personal bias

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1268 words - 6 pages Fiona Maingi ASSINGNMENT 1 IDENTITY AND SOCIETY SOCL.1014A In todays world a lot of decisions that we tend to make in our everyday lives are vastly influenced by the society we live in. The focal point of discussion in my essay will be about two very significant concepts, “structure and agency” and in particular how the structure concept had an immense impact on the life of “Inspector Makaye” who was working for The South African police Service


639 words - 3 pages Changing VerdictsThe trials in both Billy Budd and Twelve Angry Men have a 'jury' of sorts, and in each story, the members of these juries are virtually unanimous in their decision, but one person remains who would vote against his/her fellow jurors. As it happens, both juries completely change the verdict from what it appeared each jury would have originally voted. I hope to show you the similarities/differences of these two stories by exposing

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2223 words - 9 pages Free Blockbuster Film Running Head: BLOCKBUSTER FILM’S AND PSYCHOLOGICAL CONCEPTS The Presence of Psychology: How a Blockbuster Film Incorporated Psychological Concepts Amanda Lozenich University of Houston Project Description: For this project I chose to analyze a Blockbuster Film for psychological concepts. By watching 12 Angry Men my goal was to examine the meaning behind particular scenes and how they could portray a social psychology concept. I

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1617 words - 7 pages notable forums on the accessible public web are “Men Who Go By Their Own Way”, and arguably the best known one, “The Red Pill”. This is a subforum on Reddit, which, according to their website, focuses on "discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men". The group has over 200,000 members. However, there is more to the story than just misogynists discussing their alt-right views on a forum. Some forums take

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909 words - 4 pages 1 2 Do you look at two white men standing in an alley at night and wonder if they were up to something? What if they were two black men? Would you then? This racial injustice phenomenon has certainly improved but it isn’t completely diminished. Recently, a news flashed on social media that an old ‘Sikh’ man who was wearing a turban was attacked by two white men in the US. He was asked to leave the country and go back to his. Mr. Malhi had come

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2907 words - 12 pages -Task is seen as unimportant PROCESS LOSS: Any aspect of group interaction that inhibits good problem solving FAILURE TO SHARE UNIQUE INFOM+RMATION: Group tend to focus discussion on shared info as opposed to unique info GROUPTHINK: A decision process favoring group solidarity over realistic analysis COHESIVENESS: -Conformity Pressure -Lack of Disagreement -Rationalization -Self deception ISOLATION: -Insularity -Mindguards ILLUSION: -Invulnerability

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2805 words - 12 pages lacks a comparative approach to these works and a discussion of how male and female populations carried themselves regarding their community-given roles. This current study seeks to compare and contrast the gender roles between the Greek and Roman societies by looking at the similarities and the differences between them. Similarities between the roles in Greek and Rome According to Aristotle, a Greek author, the roles of men and women differ in

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1449 words - 6 pages the name of Marysol Domenici along with her partner, Tony Pirone. The officers picked Grant and his friends out of the crowded train and pulled them onto the platform. Without question, one of Oscar Grant’s friends were cuffed and detained on the platform. Figuring that they did not do anything wrong, the rest of Grant’s friends and even the riders on the train grew angry. 3 other men including Grant were then lined up on the wall before his would