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Botany Downs Secondary College
Commerce Learning Area
Year 10 BUP Course Outline - 2018
Year 10 Business Pathways aims to teach students essential thinking, decision making investigative and statistical skills as they relate to business, economics, accounting and personal finance.  These skills are of primary importance to our young people as NZ is a country built on small businesses.
Over the year students will be introduced to the financial language of Accounting, Budgeting, Economics, Marketing, starting a Business.
Year 10 Business provides the foundations for Year 11 NCEA Accounting, Business Enterprise, Economics, Finance.
Work done throughout the year is assessed in two ways:
· Internal assessment (3 credits) – AS90981: Making a financial decision
· Assignments/Presentations: Economics, Business Studies, Finance, Dragons Den
Course Aims:
· Equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to play an effective role as a consumer and a worker
· Develop your personal finance and business accountancy skills
· Give you a practical insight into the world of business
· Develop an understanding of current issues that affect our local and global economies.
Develop key competencies which will support your life-long learning.
Year 10 BUP course covers:
Brief Outline
Term One
· Scarcity and Choice, Opportunity Cost, Decision making
· Resources, Factors of production, production processes
· Values
· Needs and wants
· NZ Economy and the world
· Accounting Concepts
· Income Statements
· Balance Sheets
· Transactions Analysis
Term Two
Business Enterprise
· Entrepreneur and Enterprise
· Starting a Business
· Marketing
· Business plan / sales pitch
· Directorship roles
· Cultural market day participation
Term Three
Business Enterprise
Financial Literacy
· Budgets – Income and Spending
· Banking - Saving and Borrowing
· Foreign Exchange
· Investing – Share market
Money week (Dates: 1st – 5th September) – Week long activities on the importance of personal financial management – competitions, prizes, debates, quizzes etc) – your teacher will inform you close to the date.
Term Four
Dragons Den
Finalist from each class to present to dragons
It is recommended that you do all the internally assessed standard and assignments and presentations that are offered. In case if you have any problems this should be discussed with your subject teacher well before final submission date.
Course Organisation
BYOD is compulsory for this course as all resources will be on one-notebook. Your device need to be charged at all times. Always bring a charger with you. One- Notebook will be used extensively for this course.
Literacy L1- (L), L2 - (R,W), Numeracy L1 (N)
My grades:
Assessment Mode
Vocational Pathways
Make a financial decision for an individual or group
Lit L 1
NCEA Assessment Policies and Procedures

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