13th Amendment And The Current State Of Mass Incarceration College 2nd Year Annotated Bibliography

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June 25, 2017
The Thirteenth: No Way Out
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The purpose of this paper is to inform readers about the misconception of the 13th amendment and how it has affected the United States and minority communities. There will be topics such as history of the 13th Amendment, what it was intended to do, and who’s benefitting from this current system. These topics will shade a much broader light on the 13th Amendment.
In 1865, the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution was ratified and stated: Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. This Amendment led to the freedom of slaves and seemingly the first step towards equality for all. After the Civil War, African American were arrested in large numbers. This is what people referred to as our nation’s first prison war. They were arrested for extremely minor crimes like loitering and vagrancy. They were then made to rebuild the economy of the south under the Amendment which initially granted them freedom. What was given to the American people was a misconception of black criminality. Explaining that, this is what African Americans do when left to their own devices. Then came segregation, arresting African Americans for being in the wrong seat or looking at the wrong person. In the 1970s shortly after the Civil Rights Movement had achieved their goal, the drug war begins coupled with mandatory minimum sentencing laws. You may ask yourself who’s benefitting from these grossly immoral laws, in this essay I will explain what not the intention of the 13th Amendment but its current standing in society.
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Through most of its history, the Thirteenth Amendment has been translated to a great degree barely, particularly when contrasted with the Fourteenth Amendment and the Bill of Rights. The Thirteenth Amendment has been perused along these lines since it is "hazardous." The request that "neither bondage nor automatic subjugation . . . should exist inside the Unified States," considered important, conceivably raises doubt about excessively numerous distinctive parts of open and private power, running from political administration to showcase practices to the family itself. Our contemporary relationship of "servitude" with an exceptionally constrained arrangement of verifiable practices is behind the times and the aftereffect of a long authentic process. However, at the season of the establishing, the idea of "servitude" was far more extensive than right now caught on. "Subjugation" implied ill-conceived maste...


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