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"1984" By George Orwell The Following Talks About How Orwell Wrote His Book To Show Us The Evils Of Totalitarianism

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Some months ago, around March 2003, the U.S. invaded Iraq to topple Saddam and his government. Though many applaud President Bush for his attack on Iraq, many more believe this marked the beginning of a totalitarian state headed by President Bush. "All that was required of them was a primitive patriotism which could be appealed to whenever it was necessary to make them accept longer working hours or shorter rations" (Orwell 62). Through simple patriotism and deception, he began his totalitarian-like rule on us. By slowly destroying our rights, by tearing down our privacy, and by telling lies, he did things that we would have never wanted, such as war. And we still stood by him. In the book ...view middle of the document...

After working numerous jobs, Orwell decided in 1928 to become a professional writer. In 1933, Orwell assumed his penname, "George Orwell" and wrote Down and Out in Paris and England. The writing was based on a part of his life where he worked low paying jobs in Paris and England to live. One year later, Orwell came out with Burmese Days, which described his experience working with the Indian Imperial Police. During this time, he was teaching in a private school. Two years later, in 1936, Orwell married Eileen O' Shaugnessay. (George Orwell - Biography and Works)From 1936 to 1938, Orwell traveled to Spain to cover the Spanish Civil War between the republicans and the socialists of Spain. He soon learned more about socialism and Marxism and joined the fight with the United Works Marxist Party against the republicans. Though Orwell fought valiantly, he was soon shot in the neck and brought back to England. It was this war that made Orwell despise communism in favor of English socialism. Soon after, Orwell wrote a book about his experiences in Spain called The Homage to Catalonia. After the war, Orwell found out that he had tuberculosis. Death was inevitable for Orwell and he accepted this. (George Orwell - Biography and Works)As World War II approached, the injured Orwell attempted to enlist in the British army. He was declared physically unfit and was booted from the army. With hopes for still fighting, Orwell joined the Home Guard, which was a civilian group that was meant for local defense. He also worked as a journalist for the BBC, Observer and Tribune. Towards the end of the war in 1943, Orwell wrote his greatest novel Animal Farm. Animal Farm was a beast fable that told of the events of the Russian Revolution. Orwell had much trouble publishing it because the book criticized Russia who was England's ally at the time. However Orwell found a publisher and the book became an instant success. Due to the success of the book, Orwell became very wealthy. Nevertheless, no amount of money could bring back the loss of his wife, who died in an operation in 1945. (George Orwell - Biography and Works)Late in 1945 Orwell went to the island of Jura off the Scottish coast, and settled there in 1946 where he wrote 1984. The island's climate was unsuitable for someone suffering from tuberculosis and 1984 reflected that with its story of human suffering and grim pain. In fact even Orwell had said that the book would not have been so gloomy had he not been so ill. Later in 1949, he married Sonia Brownell. However he soon died in January 1950. Alas this was the life of one of England's greatest authors. (George Orwell - Biography and Works)Orwell's novel 1984 takes place in Oceania during the presumed year of 1984. This is presumed due to the fact that history constantly changes in Oceania and the exact year can not be determined. Oceania is a totalitarian state controlled by the Party, which is headed by Big Brother. Oceania constantly fights two other nations:...

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