2018 Nfl Mock Draft Picks 1 20 Lunch Essay

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1. Cleveland Browns- Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State | The Browns need to draft a
QB to take over after Tyrod Taylor, but they don’t need to pick QB at #1. They
need a run game, and Barkley with Carlos Hyde will wreak havoc.
2. New York Giants- Sam Darnold, QB, Wyoming | Darnold has the strongest ties
with the Giants, and he is by far the safest pick in the draft. The Giants need
somebody to take over for 37 year old Eli Manning, and Darnold is fit to do that.
3. New York Jets (from Colts)- Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA | The Jets need to pick a QB,
and Rosen is the best for them. Not to mention he is the best passer in the draft.
4. Cleveland Browns (from Texans)- Bradley Chubb, DE, NC State | The Browns
struggled to get to the QB last year, and Chubb will be a great improvement. Wait
and see what happens next for the Browns in this mock.
5. Denver Broncos- Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming | Allen is the best quarterback if you
look at potential, and has the strongest arm. He can be an elite NFL quarterback
if matched with a team he fits with well, and that team is the Broncos.
6. Indianapolis Colts (from Jets)- Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame | The Colts were
hoping to land Chubb, but since he is off the board, they get the best overall
player available who also fills a big need. Nelson is the best OL prospect in the
draft, so he goes to the Colts.
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB, Alabama | The Buccaneers
obviously need help on their secondary, so the best DB prospect in the draft fits
the bill. He will make Tampa’s secondary much better, and he fits with their
defensive scheme well.
8. Chicago Bears- Tremaine Edmunds, ILB, Virginia Tech | The Bears need another
good LB to play alongside Leonard Floyd, so Edmunds will be an excellent
choice. He is also only 19, so he will have a lot of prime career years.
9. San Francisco 49ers- Derwin James, S, Florida State | The 49ers defense was
decent in 2017, but defensive back remains an offseason hole to fill. James is one
of the best DBs in the draft, so presumably, he goes to the Niners.
10.Oakland Raiders- Roquan Smith, ILB, Georgia | The Raiders desperately need to
fix an absolutely horrible 2017 defense, so they were hoping to land Edmunds,
but get Smith instead. Smith was a great college player and was good at the
Combine, so he goes to Oakland at number 10.
11. Miami Dolphins- Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama | Jarvis Landry is gone to
Cleveland, so they need a wide receiver to take his place. They will probably
look for a quarterback in free agency, but WR is a bigger...

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