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Lesson 1-8 Practice Geometry Chapter 18
Practice 1-8 The Coordinate Plane
Graph each point in the coordinate plane.
1. A(�2, 5) 2. B(5, �2) 3. C(0, 6) 4. D(�4, 0) 5. E(�4, �2)
Find the distance between the points to the nearest tenth.
6. L(�4, 11), M(�3, 4) 7. N(1, 0), P(3, 8)
8. Q(10, 10), R(10, �2) 9. S(0, 5), T(0, �3)
10. U(11, 0), V(�1, 0) 11. W(2, 7), X(1, 2)
Find the coordinates of the midpoint of each segment. The coordinates of
the endpoints are given.
12. A(6, 7), B(4, 3) 13. C(�1, 5), D(2, �3)
14. E(14, �2), F(7, �8) 15. O(0, 0), G(�5, 12)
16. H(2.8, 1.1), I(�3.4, 5.7) 17. J(2 , - ), K(3 , -1)
18. The midpoint of is (1, 2). The coordinates of A are (�3, 6).
Find the coordinates of B.
19. The midpoint of is (4, 11). The coordinates of D are (4, 12).
Find the coordinates of C.
20. The midpoint of is (�3, 7). The coordinates of E are (�3, 10).
Find the coordinates of F.
21. Graph the points A(2, 1), B(2, �5), C(�4, �5), and D(�4, 1).
Draw the segments connecting A, B, C, and D in order.
Are the lengths of the sides of ABCD the same? Explain.
22. A crow flies to a point that is 1 mile east and 20 miles south of its
starting point. How far does the crow fly?
Quadrilateral PQSR has coordinates as follows:
P(0, 0), Q(–1, 4), R(8, 2), and S(7, 6).
23. Graph quadrilateral PQSR.
24. What is the perimeter of PQSR?
25. What is the midpoint of ?QR
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Chapter 3
3-1 Daily Pract...

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