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SEEING THE SEQUENCE OF EVENTS: Please use the text to put the following events related to the Russian Revolution in order, where a “1” represents the earliest event and a “9” represents the last event.
Steps to Communist Control
Women successfully initiate a strike, shutting down all the factories in Petrograd.
Having lost the support of the army, Czar Nicholas II steps down, ending the 300-year-old Romanov dynasty.
The Communists are in total command of Russia.
Communist regime defeats the White forces, taking back Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, & Azerbaijan.
Lenin signs the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany, ending WWI in the east.
Conservative aristocrats assassinate Rasputin in hope of saving the monarchy.
The government rations bread in Petrograd in an attempt to control inflation.
German military leaders, hoping to create disorder in Russia, ship Lenin to Russia.
Bolshevik forces seize the Winter Palace, overthrowing the provisional government.
Describe the Communist government that emerged in the Soviet Union after the civil war.
EXAMINING THE EVIDENCE: Find specific examples or “evidence” from 24-1 that represent the ideas below. Make sure that you provide 3 different examples for each.
1. Evidence of failed peace
2. Evidence of economic trouble
3. Evidence of political upheaval
4. Evidence of economic recovery
Gross domestic product, or GDP refers to the total market value of all final goods and services produced within the borders of a country in one year....

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