3 Shape Poems With Paragraphs Explaining Them

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ecstasyPure ecstasylike I've neverknown beforeor shall everknow againis the giftI receiveeach timeyoufallasleepinmyarms,yoursoftbreathdancinggentlyupThis is a poem that generates excitement but slowly comes down, as the feeling of the mood shifts from excitement to relaxation. I wrote this because I figured it would be ...view middle of the document...

This poem is short, but somewhat of a diamond/haiku form to it. It begins with a noun that cannot be identified, but the rest of the poem explains who 'he' is. The poem is defined in shape very similar to a sphere (as the name of the poem), and in accordance with the definition of a sphere; an area of power, control, or influence; domain.X-marks the spotThe ThePirate CrewSets SetsSail SailAndAll AllYe YeHail HailYe YeCapn' Capn'This poem is my favorite one I made because of the shape (it took awhile to make). Firstly, to explain the title and shape; when you think of the phrase "X-marks the spot" you commonly associate it with pirates and hidden treasure, so I thought it'd be interesting to create the poem in the shape of an X. To maintain its believable appearance as an X, I kept strict repetition in the poem however changing two subjects in each line; Pirate and Crew.

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