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We are still seeing the legacies of Period one today since the development of mankind. For instance, thousands of years later, the United States would not have arches and concrete. We wouldn't have water from aqueducts. Our roads and highways wouldn't be the same, and our fair system of government wouldn’t exist. Rome was the biggest power in the west for 700 years; it shaped the course of history. Some areas where Romans inspired the United States today are our calendar, our legal system, and language. Without these Roman influences, our world would be drastically different.
Rome influenced the United States in more ways than one. One example is the calendar. The calendar was passed down to us, and we still use it to this day. Although it was a genius creation, it wasn’t perfect. Roman’s older calendar was so far off the regular timeline that Julius Caesar had to put in a new reform, making the time of the solar year as the key for the calendar. In addition, he also created the concept of 12 months in a year. The Julian calendar miscalculated the solar year by about 11 and a half minutes. This eventually led to the creation of the Gregorian calendar. Some of the Eastern Orthodox churches use it to calculate holidays even today. We use the Gregorian calendar to keep track of important dates like birthdays, holidays, test days, etc. Although the Romans had a great impact on how we keep track of dates, they had a larger impact on our government system.
Rome made a significant change in our government system.The idea of a democracy originated from Rome. We also got the three branches of government idea from Rome. The legislative branch makes the laws, the executive branch carries out the laws, and the judic...


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2805 words - 12 pages for the inferiority of women is attributable to being put in the dark concerning their responsibilities. Although some of the traits and ideals of the ancient women have remained, they have taken greater responsibilities in shaping the socio-cultural and political spheres of the world as a whole. Where women were involved in politics, for example, greater progress was seen, like in the case of Augustus in Rome. This paper concludes, therefore

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3006 words - 13 pages , 2014), 240.] [4: Anthony Barratt, Agrippina; Sex, power, and politics in the early empire (United Kingdom: Routledge, 1996), 105.] [5: Tacitus, Annals, 12.42] [6: Barratt, Agrippina, 118.] [7: Ibid., 121.] Agrippina the younger did not conform to the prescribed role of women in Ancient Rome. Roman women were not allowed to hold power in the traditional sense, and their participation in politics was not encouraged. The involvement of women