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Social Psychology
Area of Psychology: Social
Duties: First, social psychologists can create environments that are replicas of real world
environments.Social psychologists might also ask interview a person while monitoring brain
activity with sophisticated equipment. Since the presence of social psychologists and medical
equipment can influence how a person behaves, however, many social psychologists prefer to
do their research "in the field". The research that psychologists conduct can be applied to solve
a number of real world problems, from minor problems to major problems. Social psychology
studies can also be applied to help put a stop to or lessen the spread of certain social problems.
Clients they work with: Employment in private and government research facilities.
Where they work: They might conduct research in controlled environments, such as
laboratories, or in natural environments, such as urban settings. Other facilities might also hire
social psychologists, like schools, correctional facilities, and social welfare organizations.
Dr. Allen, Phd: “Ms. Dawkins, good morning. What seems to be the issue?”
Patient: “I don’t really ever know what to say. I mean...I guess I’m awkward or whatever.”
Psychologist: “When has this awkwardness become apparent in your social interactions with
Patient: “Everytime I’m around people, usually in groups.”
Psychologist: “Hmm, would you mind telling me more?”
Patient: ”Well just last week, I had to go on the bus. I considered catching the next one..but I-I
needed to get home. My mom would have nagged me and I didn’t really want to hear that I
guess. So, I got on and it was super full. I had to stand next to two people. It made me really
Psychologist: “I see, is that a normal occurrence?”
Patient: “Yes! I’m certain that there’s something wrong with me-I even start stuttering when I
present for my classes!”
Psychologist: “When did this start, what may have triggered your anxiety?”
Patient: “The first time my problem presented itself, I was actually presenting for a class grade. I
had never gone up for anything. Every eye was on me, and my words started to slur. I ended up
butchering the whole presentation. As a matter of fact, I was so bad that I didn’t even read the
last pages of my work.’
Psychologist: “So these episodes of yours started by hindering work for you, and has trickled
into your social life.
Patient: “Exactly. What should I do?”
Psychologist: “I suggest that you try a few exercises to reduce stress when talking to others or
being around people. Your social anxiety can be slowly helped, with a couple of mock
presentations. These will first be done in a private section, and then in front of others. You will
only need endurance and determination to get over this social anxiety.”
Patient: “Gee Doc, that’s great! Thanks for having me.”
Psychologist: “Anytime Ms.Dawkins.”
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