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9/11 An Indians Outlook Essay

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9/11- the Indian story .(an Indians outlook)Says Khushwant Singh , "we divide history into B.C (before birth of Christ) and A.D (after death of Christ), we may in future divide epochs (era) into before September 11 and after September 11 ......""A year after the terrorist attacks in the United States, America", says Dileep Padgaonkar , "and the world at large , are yet to come to terms with their genesis (start) ...view middle of the document...

"The cause of these terrorist attacks would be many , but what the main motive was , not yet known. This might be a reason why , the most powerful nation on earth , projects an oddly helpless image of itself. And one more reason to this helplessness is that, the most dreaded and wanted man on earth, Osama Bin laden , might be planning yet another attack on the US of A. Yet another reason of the September 11 attacks might be that, in many of the Muslim eyes , there is a feeling of envy for the wealth , its power and the limelight given to it.After much of the happenings of the September 11 attacks many Muslims want to become moderates . But there need to be encouragement which is easier said than done.Overall, however after the 9>1 attacks the world has changed for the better thanks in large measures of America's leadership . The defeat of Taliban has helped to contain the spread of terrorism . IF hopes of people encouraged the president of the USA George Bush to take up the joint venture of president of Pakistan Parvez musharraf to eliminate the terrorism it is possible that the ones who were involved in the 9>1 attacks can be perished .BY,Ershan.

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