9/11 In Plane Site Documentary Sociology Review Bridgewater State Sociology Essay

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Matt Vincent
Professor Owens
SOC 101
9 September 2018
9/11 In Plane Site
In this documentary Dave Von Kleist starts off by saying some people may reject this information or some may discredit the person who is relaying the information rather than listen and others will believe the information which was just showed to them and not be surprised. And reviewing any conspiracy theory documentary this is definitely the case with how the population views them. Secondly he explains how if any group were involved in this operation of 9/11 then they would want to cover up any involvement to shift any focus away from themselves. After this he starts to go into the conspiracies starting with footage from news systems and government involvement hinting that they might have had some involvement in the matter.
The conspiracies begin with one about the pentagon and how so much damage was dealt to the twin towers but there is photo evidence showing what was done to the pentagon is questionable and that there is even wooden furniture shown on the cross section of the crumbling floors that were not burnt. This is very suspect because the entirety of a twin tower was reduced to rubble from the flames but a few pieces of furniture were not burnt? This would not make much logical sense. He then goes on to explain how the hole created by the 757 plane is too small to have been created by that plane and that there was no wreckage on the front of the building. This then raises the question as to what could have created this hole in the pentagon if a plane could not have. People from the military had told him if it were not a plane it must have been a missile.He then goes back to the point that if the tail end of the plane were intact throughout the impact it would have made an entry point on the roof but shown throughout many photos there was none, further implying it could have been a missile.
It was then reviewed that the initial reactions of the buildings collapse seemed to be from an explosion or multiple explosions. The documentary showcases many scenes of people such as firefighters who were right in the midst of it reacting to the collapse of the building as many destinations causing the floors to be blown out one by one. Kleist believes this collapse was too systematic and must have been planned and there was even video of Larry Silverstein saying to “pull it” which Kleist thought of as pull the building or demolish it and that this was planned but it can be interpreted as him saying to pull the firefighters out of the building before it collapsed. He then goes on to explain how the plane was not an american airliner from numerous accounts of people in the first few moments of the impact of the first and second planes on the world trade center that it was in fact not an airliner and had no windows with a gray color. He also goes into detail in many video clips showing that the bottom of the plain some sort of capsule on its right side like a sort of missile like one on the bottom of a military aircraft. The videos he reviews of this also show that before either plane hit there was a flash indicating a missile or other projectile like explosive had struck the towers which would not make this aircraft an american airliner but some sort of military aircraft.


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