A Battery Recycling Proposal For A Small Scale Community Like A School

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Battery Recycling ProposalWhen you need a portable, convenient power source, you can always rely on batteries. But, although they are convenient and portable, they also represent many environmental problems and therefore providing the need for recycling. My battery recycling proposal will be divided into the three major aspects of recycling; information, collection, and disposal.InformationInside a battery, heavy metals react with chemical electrolyte to produce the batteries power. It is these heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel which can leak and in turn, contaminate the environment when batteries are disposed of improperly. Batteries can also contaminate the atmosphere when incinerated and ...view middle of the document...

CollectionAny one who wants to help the environment can help me help it by sending all their used dry-cell batteries to one of the many bins for each type of battery in all of their head of house's office. The bins will remain in the offices all year.Each person will have to enter a minimum of 5 batteries (this is a resin able number due to the fact that on average, each person in the United States discards only 8 dry-cell batteries each year) to be eligible to buy a ticket of the cost 1$ to enter a raffle. At the end of each term a winner will be drawn. The winner will be bought a whopper value meal from Hungry Jacks and paid with the entry money.All of this information will be printed on posters and in the bulletin along with my slogan of "don't throw your batteries away, throw them our way!". My poster will include;·My slogan·The information of how to win a whopper value meal·The information of where and when to take your batteries·One part showing a battery leaking into the soil to show the effects that batteries can have·One part showing a whopper value meal to attract the viewer's attention.·The recommendation that we should try to only use rechargeable batteries.DisposalSince there is no place that recycles used Dry-cell batteries in Australia, the only alternative would be to send them to the MRI (Melbourne Recycling Industry). The left over money from the raffle tickets would be put towards the cost of shipping the batteries to Melbourne.ConclusionMy proposal is a cost free example of ridding dangerous batteries from our environment. With a little man work this proposal will be very successful.


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