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SPRING​ 2018
HB 68
YES VOTES____________________
NO VOTES____________________
YES VOTES______________________
NO VOTES______________________
12th Legislative Session
Middleton High School
Spring 2018
HB 68
Short Title: Affordable Solar Energy Act
Primary Sponsors:
Almainique Hester(D), Ethan Miller(R), Jack White(R)
An Act concerning a FEDERAL LAW to increase the use of solar energy and decrease the cost
The total cost of solar energy 25,000 to 35,000 and only 40% of people in the U.S are using solar energy. The reason solar energy need to
increase is because the amount of oil being used and in the use about 19.88 million barrels of oil for energy are being used on a average day
and the rate of earthquakes have increased 600 times more due to use of oil. As the high level of costing for solar energy and the higher the
earthquakes can lead to bad things in the future. For the betterment of the future this bill can decrease not only the cost but put limited danger
in society today and in future and increase the use of solar energy.
A. HB 68 will increase subsidies and tax credits for products and production of solar energy in the United States.
a. Energy companies that produce energy for consumer and commercial use through the use of solar means will receive a subsidy at 50 cents
per Kilowatt(watts) per hour produced
i. The Department of Energy will pay the individual 50 cents per Kilowatt per hour produced
ii. The company supplying the solar panels or solar energy will be responsible for monitoring the amount of energy produced by the
individual’s solar panel array (kWh)(kilowatt hour)
1. The company supplying the solar panels or energy produced by Solar means
iii. The company must report the amount of energy produced by the individuals solar panels to the Department Of Energy on a
quarterly basis
1. The Department Of Energy must supply the funds in order to accommodate the rebate created
a. Rebating them for the energy they produce whether used or not
iv. The Individual who has the solar panels, only has the job of maintaining upkeep on the solar panels
A. The cost of subsidizing will total to a rough average of 3 Billion Dollars
a. The cost of rebating the Kilowatt per hour times the current production rate
i. Including the price of kilowatt per hour produced
b. The Department of Energy will be responsible for any funds required for subsidizing
i. It is up...

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