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A Business Letter On Expanding Into Foreign Markets

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This letter is about my business that wants to expand out of the United States. I hope you will be able to advise us on this step our business wants to take. We hope you have the answers to our questions and thank you for helping us. Internatioanl expansion is one of the srategies wwe want to use in growing our business. There are important issues that you have to consider when expanding to other countries. We have looked at some of these issues. We see that we have to adapt to other countries cultures and traditions. Also we have to consider religous differences in ther countries. For ...view middle of the document...

We think that by moving into different countries it will increase our amount of customers becaususe they will know are name. We will be all over the world and not just in the Uited States. This could make us more appealing to customers because when they come to us they know what they can expect. Customers like that comfortable feeling that we can provide them by expanding into other countries. We would like to sell our products considering people wants and needs. Also considering the prices that fit our customers. We will also learn of our customers wants and needs by having evaluations in our stores each week considering different issues. This will make us aware of what our customers want and should help us satisfy our customers. By listening to the customers opinions we will be able to come up with new types of ideas and goods that we could sell in addition to our coffe and desserts. Also we realize that people like a relaxing atmosphere in a coffe and desert house. we will acomidate this by having soothing music in our stores, books, and magazines that fit the customers of each of the countries we go into.We would like to thank you for taking the time to read this letter. We hope you are able to advise us and some more ideas you have for us expanding our business outside the United States. Also tell us if the issues that we coered in the letter are correct or could be fixed.

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