A Cold War Culture: A Philosophical Dissection Of Counter Culture And Its Root In The Cold War - American History; Colorado Christian University - Essay

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Cultural Lies About Sex
Ty Beaty
Colorado Christian University
Cold War Counterculture 2
Cultural Lies About Sex
Since being expelled from the garden, humanity has been devastated by sin. In every
corner of life, it lies dormant, waiting to be relished in and abused. As the generations have
passed from the original sin, we continue to carry it in our bones, inherited from the beginning.
“Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me (Psalm 51:5
ESV).” There is nothing that we can do to flee the immorality that clings to humanity, we are
In the creation account, God looks to give man a teammate. Not just an extra body to help
out around the garden with, but a partner, who’s bond would be forever intimate. God made for
these two humans to experience one another in their most vulnerable and selfless state. The gift
of sex was designed to take two complete, physical, spiritual, emotional, and theological
Beings, made ​imago dei​, and absorb them into one another, becoming one, quite literally as
intimate as you can get. Some of these things are still in practice, most likely you would not be
hard pressed to find a proclaiming Christian that would give you the same intention of sex.
God’s creation is perfect, his intention perfect, it is the damning inherited sin bring disillusion to
the activity of Sex.
Many times when I hear conversations about the increasing sinfulness of the world, my
opinion is that the world is no more or less sinful than it has been since the fall of man. I do not
believe that sin is being acted on at any higher rate, but I do believe that integrity, honesty, and a
sound moral compass are all but extinct in our world today. Sin has been a devil to humanity
since the devil was a serpent. As the generations grew, humanity became more and more
entangled in sin, and further removed from the intimacy between God and humanity in the
Cold War Counterculture 3
garden. What once was sin, separation from holiness, is now life, simply breathing in and
breathing out. As the line between sin and culture fades, the consequences of sin only begin to
grow. The pain, suffering, and experience that compliments our sinfulness has become an
accepted trend in today’s eye. Today’s media makes popular entertainment out of young teenage
mothers, our news outlets fail to confront our politicians, church officia...

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