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A College Application Essay

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While observing the world around me, I notice that there is a great deal of poverty and disease. While these are fairly general observations, I feel that they are an accurate representation of the world in which we live. The other day I encountered a man who asked me for directions to get to a local convenience store. After studying his facial features, I noticed that he had a severe eye infection. I asked him if he had seen a ...view middle of the document...

" His response infuriated me. I pondered how someone could survive a life in which medical resources are either unavailable or limited. Observing that technology is rapidly improving the quality of life for many, I was unable to comprehend why society had not provided this man with the means for survival. For example, I, as a member of society, am one of those responsible for that man not having his proper health care. The Constitution grants the pursuit of happiness for all, and society obviously neglected its obligation to support this man in his quest. Having had experiences with such people, I feel that I should contribute my skills and abilities to society by becoming a physician. My people skills would allow me to interact with patients, establishing a warm and healthy environment for a practice. Another dream that I have is to become a legislator so that I may propose and implement a better plan for universal health care that provides equal and adequate health care for everyone who needs it. I feel that society has both the technology and the funds to provide it, and I hope to be a leader in the fight for a better world, a world that will one day be cured of disease.

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