A Comparitive Essay On The Views Of Gun Control Fayette County High School American Literature Essay

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American Literature
Mr. Harmon
March 28 2018
Gun Control
Since the recent shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, gun control has been a very popular topic between the media and lawmakers of America. However it is not a contemporary issue. Gun violence has been just as much a part of America’s history as has slavery. The difference between the two, is that slavery was recognized for its evil and abolished early on in our country's history, but somehow firearms have managed to slip through our lawmakers money grabbing hands of so called liberty and justice. It is time to stand up for the lives of both the victims and innocent citizens of America and demand a change. Although guns have become a part of America’s everyday life, they must be strictly regulated, taken from those who are intending to harm innocent lives, and sold with caution to only those with a record of impeccable status. Weapons are designed to kill and only to kill, and therefore only citizens with the most upstanding records must be allowed to carry such tools of death.
In 2016 there were close to 39,000 gun related deaths (Image 2). (Vox) Two thirds of those deaths were suicides committed by psychologically unstable beings. (Time) That in total is approximately 26,000 deaths. That leaves only 13,000 deaths to homicide and other events of that nature. This in itself is proof that there are too many people who are permitted to obtain firearms that are psychologically incapable of handling such a tool of destruction. However the Federal NICS does not require a psychological examination to possible gun holders and is in doing so putting the very life of the buyer and many other innocent lives in harm's way. (Criminal Watchdog) The American people must push for stricter background checks, especially for those who are genetically susceptible to mental diseases. It is understood that it is a right of the average American to own a firearm and practice their 2nd amendment right, but there must be stipulations to such overwhelming amounts of liberty. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution gives the right to freedom of speech and religion (Cornell) but it does not give the right to behead someone else because they do not have the same religious beliefs as you, or to falsely accuse someone of a crime because you are poorly disposed towards them. Such as is with the 2nd Amendment. There are strictures and stipulations to protect the American people. (Prospect) Allowing mentally unstable people to attain a firearm without a thorough background check on previous mental records would be a lethal and egregious oversight to the public safety.
One of the most indomitable jobs of lawmakers is to determine whether a man or woman is unfit to carry a firearm, and furthermore if that weapon should be taken from them to ensure the safety of the society around them. Georgia Legislature gives several reasons as to which someone can be charged with a misdemeanor or felony relating t...


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