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Federal Republic of NigeriaTHIRD WORLDThird world represents the countries where the people live in poverty. Poverty is usually measured by comparing people's incomes. If their incomes are too low they will not be able to get basic needs such as: food, shelter, health and education. Some of the third world countries are Nigeria, Brazil and Uganda.The World Bank (an international bank set up to promote the economic rise and development of the poor countries) definition of Poverty is: "Poverty is hunger. Poverty is lack of shelter. Poverty is being sick and not being able to see a doctor. Poverty is not being able to go to school and not knowing how to read. Poverty is not having a job, is fear for the future, living one day at a time. Poverty is losing a child to illness brought by unclean water. Poverty is powerlessness, lack of representation and freedom."I chose Nigeria as my country to write about because I have been to a country in Africa and was impressed by its culture.LANDSCAPENigeria is situated in the heart of Africa, bordering Togo, Niger, Cameroon and Chad.In the north-west of Nigeria lies the Sokoto plains named after the Sokoto River. The Sokoto River floods during the raining season depositing rich soil good for agriculture but destroying homes sometimes. In Nigeria's north-east lies the Chad Basin, a region of scattered trees and thin grass. This place can become swampy during raining seasons but can also give the worst of draughts in the summer.The Northern High Plains covers about 20% of all of Nigeria's land (356,669 square miles) and is 2500 feet above sea level. It has very few hills but many rivers flow through it, which as a result creates waterfalls in time.Finally, the south of Nigeria is covered with swamps and forested plains.POPULATIONNigeria has a population of 109 million, which represents about 127 people per km2. Three-quarters of Nigerians live in rural areas. The life expectancy is about 48.8 years.The city Lagos has more than a million people living in it. Other cities with a population over 400,000 are: Ibadan, Ogbomosho and Kano.The country has about 250 ethnic groups, the largest being: Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo. These ethnic groups account for three-fifths of the total population of Nigeria.LANGUAGEEnglish is the official language and it is taught in all the schools in Nigeria. However English isn't Nigeria's most common used language as there are many different ethnic groups each having there own distinct language.ECONOMYNigeria economy is based on agriculture and mining.Nigeria's main products in agriculture are beans, beef, animal hides, cacao, cotton, peanuts, rice, palm oil and rubber.Mining products include: limestone, petroleum, tin and gases.Nigerians hardly trade with other African countries but they trade with USA, EU and Japan.Nigeria is amongst the worlds leading producers of cacao, palm oil, peanuts, rubber, tin and petroleum. Petroleum is the most valuable resource in Nigeria, most oil fields being found in south-west of Nigeria.Nigerians earnings come from cotton, coffee, gravel and petroleum. If you buy a jar of coffee costing $1 only 8p will go to the farmer who grew it. That's why many people try to introduce fair trade which assume:* Give workers full pay of what they sell,* Make workers more important in global trade.POLITICSNigeria is controlled by the Armed Forces Ruling council which has 28 members, the head of this council being called the President (Olusegun Obasanjo) of Nigeria. He is commander-in-chief of the Nigerian army and he also controls the government. There are other 2 councils: the Council of Ministers and the Council of State.The Council of Ministers consists of 22 federal ministers who control most of civil services.The Council of State is made up of state governors appointed by the Armed Forces Ruling council. Nigeria has 36 states and 1 territory (the capital Abuja).LAGOSThe best thing about Lagos is leaving it. It's a city that still thinks it's the capital even though Abuja now has that honour. Lagos is steamy, over populated horrendous traffic and has an international reputation for crime. There are many carjacking, kidnapping and ethnic clashes. Lagos is one of the world's most crime-ridden cities in the world.Street crime, robberies and muggings occur throughout the country often in broad daylight. There is a real risk this country will burst into chaos and violence.In the heart of Lagos you will find all major banks, department stores and restaurants. The National Museum has impressive bronze sculptures, ivory carvings from Benin and terracotta antiques from Jos. From ancient relics to modern ruins it is worth a visit.FESTIVALSThe most elaborate festivals in Nigeria include the Islamic Ramadan (period of fasting) and Tabaski (69 days later). The exact days are different from year to year as sometimes it is in late January or early February and again in late April.Another Nigerian celebration is the Dunbar, a colourful parade of dressed horsemen, Emirs dressed in ceremonial robes, wrestlers and flute players in headdresses.Shortly after, the Sallah celebrations include the Argungu fishing and the Cultural Festival in mid-February. More water-based celebrations take place around August at the Pategi Regatta, half-way between Ibadan and Kaduna. The main feature of the festival is the rowing competition.CLIMATENigeria has a tropical climate with rainy and dry seasons. In south-east of Nigeria are high temperatures with heavy rainfall throughout the year whereas in north and west is very dry.In the South, raining season last from March to November and in the North it rains from May to December with an interruption in August.The temperature varies between 21 and 38oC with and average of 32-33 oC .HEALTHThe high number of people living in cities has created problems with sewage disposal, water shortage and bad drainage. There are waste-spills all over streets causing traffic delays.Many Nigerians die from malaria, meningitis and many other diseases. Overcrowding in the city often leads to living on the street.The hospitals in Nigeria have very few doctors. Drugs and medicine is scarce.Some villagers have to walk 6 miles to get to the nearest stream to get water, which however most of the time is polluted.FACT FILECountryPercentage of people living under £1 a day (%)Nigeria11.5Brazil9.0Jamaica3.2The former US president Bill Clinton once said "Don't tell me about the global economy - half the people aren't part of it. What kind of economy leaves half its people behind? "Nigeria is in dept by over $30 billion.The main religions of Nigeria are Muslim-50%, Christianity-40% and the rest of the religions-10%.Nigeria's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in US dollars is around $784 million.There is only 1doctor for every 7000 patients.Nigeria's flag was adopted in 1960. The green represents agriculture and the white symbolises unity and peace.15% of Nigeria's land is used for growing and selling crops as one-third of Nigeria is covered with forests.42% of children in Nigeria can afford to go to school.The currency in Nigeria is the naira.CONCLUSIONSI think poverty can be stopped if governments give more money to charity than they give to their military. An example of this is USA (world's richest country) who gives only 0.1% of their incomes to the third world and more than 3% on military.I admire people who take the risk of catching a disease and go to Nigeria to help: like nurses and teachers.I do not like the countries who borrow a lot of money to another country when they know they cannot pay them back. Even worse, day by day the debts are increasing by adding the interest.BIBLOGRAPHYBritannica EncyclopaediaWorld Poverty by Rob BowelenThe Rich Poor Divide by Teresa GarlateIndependence of Africa by DR. Kevin ShillingtonEncyclopaedia of People and PlacesI cannot apologise enough the the state of this report... Pictures need to be added, at least one for each heading, you may want to back up the conclusion with more facts and data as well.


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