A Creative Story To Replica A Book Report (Basically A Story) Community Christian School; English Book Report

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The Takeover Takedown 
By: Hollie Towns 
Chapter One. Lindsey
Assemblies; let’s get one thing straight, I hate them. This is
the third one this month! Wes doesn’t like them either, to be
frank, they make him unsteady. Things don’t seem right today
either when I woke up something felt a little… off. At three
a.m. I received a text from Wes stating that he couldn’t sleep
therefore I should stay awake with him. I replied, that it was the
most absurd thing he’d said given the fact I had a biology test
today. After that text, he didn't reply until four-thirty a.m.
stating he still couldn't sleep. At that point, I had given up on
sleeping a full eight hours I called him and he picked up after
the third ring. When I heard his voice tremble I could picture a
tear rolling down his cheek. Immediately I was worried but it
turned out he just had a cold. I told him to go to sleep when he
finally agreed to I hung up and turned my phone off to avoid
another text. As I released myself from the daydream I looked
up to see Principal Anders looking at me. "Yes?" I asked
looking around nervously.
"Miss Caine, I suggested you come to the podium and
speak about our upcoming homecoming dance?" replied the
"Oh, of course." I squeaked as I made my way to the
podium in the center of the gym. "So homecoming, the student
council was thinking about a Paris themed dance, of course,
school colors are blue and orange so the dance could be Dusk on
the Tower" I glanced up at Wes and he was grinning at me with
his famous thumbs up. I smiled to myself as I cleared my throat.
"What I mean is it could be a sunset theme with lights
everywhere the stage decorated to appear as the top of the Eifel
tower." I saw Mrs. Anders nodding in approval and gave myself
a little fist pump.
"Nicely done miss Caine," Principal Anders smiled at me
as she took her place behind the podium dismissing me back to
my seat. "The West Grove Hens are going to dominate the West
Washington Toros!" my mind tuned out the principal as I took
my seat but before I could get lost in my thoughts a loud high
pitched constant screech invaded my ears. I watched all the
teachers run for the door. Clearly understanding the alarm
leaving all of us students sitting here. When the alarm stopped a
strange voice replaced it saying,
"They are upon us. Save yourselves, Save yourselves.
Seek shelter they are upon us." As the voice repeated itself I saw
Wes hold...


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