A Critical Account And Analysis Of Coca Cola Advertising Campaigns With Snapchat - Introduction To Advertising - Research Paper

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Intro to Advertising Practice COM4400 - Assessment 2   000076944
A critical account and analysis of Coca 
Cola advertising Campaigns with 
There are many ways one can explain what advertising truly is and the power it holds over                                 
societies. In simple terms it can be described as the drawing in of public attention to a situation                                   
or piece of information. Whether the attention drawn is either positive or negative, or the                             
advertisement is paid for or free is all relevant. Advertising is often used to deliver a message                                 
from a company or organisation to a potential consumer or customer hoping to inform them of                               
something beneficial to both parties ​(Study.com, 2017)​. When advertising using a small media                         
platform such as a small local radio channel, prices may be a lot cheaper than using a large                                   
social media platform such as Snapchat. 
Snapchat has shown great significance in advancing society in the new technological era.                         
Instead of browsing websites such as Facebook and reading about ‘new’ ideas and current                           
affairs in the world, Snapchat allows users to utilise the app to share their own original ideas to                                   
whoever they want, whether it be a friend group or on a public account for a large scale of                                     
people to consume and view. This is a great way for creativity to be enhanced and to persuade,                                   
as we can often stop creating and just consume when spending a long period of time on a                                   
social networking site and device. Snapchat is so unique due to its facial recognition dynamic.                             
Users can incorporate their faces into filters with creates a personal feel to the app. There are                                 
many different ways companies or individuals can advertise on Snapchat. Snap Ads,                       
Sponsored Geofilters and Sponsored Lenses are the three main and impactful ways to reach a                             
wide audience ​(Felicitas, 2017)​. In contrast to Facebook and Instagram, Snapchats ads stick                         
truely to their unique theme of transience and temporary. The ads play in between users stories                               
and only play for up to 10 seconds. The advertisements include internal links that viewers can                               
click on or swipe to perform an action such as installing an app, visiting a website, or watching                                   
a video ​(Felicitas, 2017). 
Intro to Advertising Practice COM4400 - Assessment 2   000076944
Coca Cola's advertising spend accounted for nearly 7% in total ​revenue for each year from      ...

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