Assignment On A Day In The Wilderness

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On this cold and unusually brisk afternoon the wilderness calls as our hike progresses further into nature. At first it seems like I am in a sensory deprivation tank, no television, music, food or aromas, but that first impression gradually changes as I wander farther. My senses become liberated as I begin to step out of that tank. I begin to notice the simple beauty by which I am surrounded. The trees hold out their branches like arms, waiting to embrace me as I begin my journey. I notice even the smallest details that I had often overlooked before. The thunderous crashing of the tree tops in the wind. The very pungent scent of both the living and non-living organisms surround me. W ...view middle of the document...

Its soft tune chants that there is not a reason to fear the wilderness because life will continue perpetuating no matter what happens in my life. A large thunderous crash scares everything around the mountain. A very large gust of wind caused the trees to become like the drums, tapping away at each other. They are the percussion section in nature?s orchestra. The subtle crunching of the dry leaves beneath my feet make for an interesting tune as well. They are crunching in time with my steps. The whole trail becomes an ongoing symphony of immaculate beauty, continuing on even after my footsteps have lost the beat.As the journey moves on the almost perfect trail has chosen for me to stop. The side of the mountain is calling for me to move up further. The next thing that struck me is the sheer immensity of the long, slender trees. Most of the external living parts of the trees have disappeared until the spring. Looking at them, their loss and their look is terribly forlorn having lost a large part of themselves. The dead bark strips itself away from the mother tree, possibly caused by an animal. A curious squirrel, willing to brave the cold, noses around to attempts to catch a glimpse of me, for I am an unfamiliar site to these relatively unexposed rodents. Small areas of snow cover the opposite mountain side, reminding me what time of year it is. The artist, Mother Nature, has compiled a true masterpiece in this most beauteous earth that will continue on even after my eyes are closed.Before long the smell of familiar smells in the outdoors are more prevalent. The perfume of the earth has such a sweet and welcoming fragrance. The wilderness has its own scent that simply can not be compared to any other. The blending of the distinct smells of the dirt, moss, water, trees and the animals creates the pungent aroma that symbolizes freedom and complete control over one?s destiny. As the different aroma?s come, another different memory of the past comes back. The spicy smell of the dirt and tress reminds me of a hot plate of Mexican food. The individual scents are beginning to overpower me. The strongest is just that of the cold air. It gives that very clean and crisp smell you would get after doing your laundry in the summer. It reminds me of being a small child going on long hikes with my family. All of the smells represent some aspect of me. The botanical aroma of the trees is reminiscent of the smell of a youth...


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