A Debate On Cell Phones In The Classroom English Grade 8 Essay

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Megan Lopez
Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In School?
As time has progressed, technology has become more integral to society. Cell phones in particular have taken the world by storm and provide more services than ever – from live video chats to checking the stock market and much more. Most children have some sort of portable electronic device, whether it is a cell phone, a tablet or a laptop. Unfortunately, they sometimes end up taking advantage of these wonderful gadgets and use them for unintended purposes. As a result, many school boards are wondering whether or not to allow cell phones in the classroom. In the spring of 2009, a recent study was conducted by the University of Waterloo. They decided to take two schools: one that allowed cell phones in class and one that did not for this study. They observed those students until post-graduation. Based on their findings, the educators noticed that the cell phones actually had a positive impact on the students. When faced with the question, educators should definitely say yes to allowing cell phones in school because students will be prepared for emergencies, able to complete in class research assignments and prepare for their future occupation.
Firstly, cell phones are always handy to have in the case of an emergency. If a student gets injured, another student can dial 911 using their cell phone. Yes, it is possible to get a teacher and make them run down to the office to make the call. However, think about how much time it would take just to find a teacher. Add how long it takes for the teacher to run down to the office, and you’ve already wasted so much time. As a result, the student could possibly lose consciousness and maybe even die. If cell phones were allowed in school, you wouldn’t need to do that. Dialing 911 on a student’s cell phone just takes a minute or two, and that could be just enough to save a student’s life. Other times, there could be an unexpected lockdown or evacuation. Parents always expect their kids to be home on time. If cell phones aren’t allowed at school, how are adults supposed to be aware of their children’s whereabouts and safety? With cell phones, kids can just text or call their parents to explain their situation to them. This would not only answer their questions, but it would also give them a great sense of relief and reassurance after all that worrying.
Secondly, allowing cell phones in class will help students to complete research for their assignments. Yes, it is possible to just use the computers, or any other device that the school may provide for the students; however, this isn’t always possible for every single student in the school. There is only so much that a school can afford when it comes to the provision of technology. Therefore, not every...


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