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A Farewell to Arms process paper A Farewell to Arms, by Ernest Hemingway, is a typical love story. A Romeo and his Juliet placed against the odds. Frederick and Catherine's love affair must survive the obstacles of World War I. The background of war-torn Italy adds to the tragedy of the love story. The war affects the emotions and values of each character. The love between Catherine and Frederick must outlast long separations, life-threatening wartime situations, and the uncertainty of each other's whereabouts or condition. This novel is a beautiful love story of two people who need each other in a period of upheaval.Frederick Henry is an American who serves as a lieutenant in the Ital ...view middle of the document...

When Frederick puts aside his involvement in the war, he realizes that Catherine is the order and value in his life and that he does not need anything else to give meaning to his life. At the conclusion of this novel, Frederick realizes that he cannot base his life on another person or thing because, ultimately, they will leave or disappoint him. He realizes that the order and values necessary to face the world must come from within himself.Catherine Barkley is an English volunteer nurse who serves in Italy. She is considered very experienced when it comes to love and loss since she has already been confronted with the death of a loved one when her fiancée was killed earlier in the war. The reader is not as well acquainted with Catherine's inner thoughts and feelings as we are with those of Frederick. The story is told through Frederick's eyes and the reader only meets Catherine through the dialogue between her and Frederick or through his personal interpretations of her actions. Catherine already possesses the knowledge that her own life cannot be dependent on another. She learned this lesson through the death of her fiancée. Her love for Frederick is what her life revolves around, yet she knows J Couey 3 not to rely on him to be the order in her life. Had she been dependent on Frederick for the order in her life, she would not have been able to allow him to participate in the war for fear of losing her own stability with his death.The theme that Hemingway emphasizes throughout the novel is the search for order in a chaotic world. Hemingway conveys this through Frederick's own personal search during the chaos of World War I. Catherine has found strength within herself to lead her through life. This is what Frederick must come to realize. Through his involvement with Catherine, Frederick slowly finds his own inner strength. Frederick's affair with Catherine prompts him to leave his wild life of prostitutes and drink. He becomes aware of an element of stability in their affair and realizes that the war that he was involved in was too chaotic, so he deserts the army. He ...


"A Farewell To Arms" By Earnest Hemmingway

1751 words - 8 pages Free A Farewell to ArmsI had mixed feelings while reading Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms. Initially, I disliked the book intensely, but I continued to read, and eventually I began to appreciate the style he used to write the book. Toward the end of the book I was certain Hemingway was some kind of genius. Finally, I finished the book and, though I disliked the last chapter intensely, I liked A Farewell to Arms very much as a whole.A Farewell

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386 words - 2 pages "three flowers, two scarcely blown...", "farewell fair flower...", and "...buds new blown to have so short a date" are also used to indicate the similarity between the children and flowers. Nature is used as well to represent death. In Bradstreet's point of view, the children's deaths are like "plums and apples" that ripe and fall, and corn and grass that is mown. Again, this is much more appealing than a simple, non-metaphorical statement. Secondly

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678 words - 3 pages ….” Without using the exact same phrasing, both documents discuss how the democracy of the United States has shifted away from a for the people, by the people to a constant state of having the next biggest invention at the ultimate cost of individual thinking. The lecture stated that “over 1400 retired military officers were then employed by the nation's largest defense contractors, many serving on boards of directors”. This, with the downturn of heavy

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2453 words - 10 pages freedom is shown in the land of the United States, from how thick our forest are to how fertile our soils are a man could live alone without anyone. He could literally live with the woods, streams, and fields. In 1783 George Washington signed his first farewell address, he lived on his own in the “extensive and fertile lands of the west”. In 1886 the U.S. Supreme court declared that the Southern Pacific Railroad be viewed as Individual persons in

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475 words - 2 pages impartiality was the best course, thereby keeping out of the war on the whole.When he departed office in 1796 after serving two terms as president, Washington gave a farewell address overflowing with advice and cautions to the young nation. While he also warned against the divisive problems of political parties, it was his call for neutrality and avoiding alliances that set the course of US foreign policy.Washington warned the nation to stay away of

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438 words - 2 pages to fulfill a need and until that need is fulfilled, or they snap out of it, the irrational person can be unpredictable and can sometimes even be dangerous. Romeo, Juliet and both sides of their families act on irrational decisions due to the overpowering feeling of love between Romeo and Juliet and strong hatrid between both the families. In this case acting irrational over love, hatrid and obsession. Act 4, Scene 3, Juliet states “farewell god

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1143 words - 5 pages Free . This is his quixotic dimension, which, in physiological terms, can be seen as paranoia. A good example of this is Othello's 'farewell' speech-"Farewell the plumed troops ... Othello's occupation gone!" (3, iii, 347-355).This shows us how superficial he is because he loves the sights and sounds of war so much that he is starting to get depressed in fear of losing not only his job, but also his whole way of life. A good example of him becoming

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647 words - 3 pages from historical background,” and ”if you do, you will have perverted the Constitution, which can end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government. It is understandable to add much needed amendments such as the 13th,14th, 19th, and many more to fit changes. However, the constitution is not “just a piece of parchment paper” as Obama said it was during his farewell address. Madison, Jefferson, along with other founding fathers created

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555 words - 3 pages . They act only as the default frame of conversations, but they have no substance or sincerity. The origin of certain etiquette such as saying “goodbye” or “farewell” to guests is the ancient Nordic value of hospitality. Guests were seen as a test sent by the gods to see if a host had good morals, as goes the myth of a man who treats his guest, a disguised Odin, poorly, and then has his son killed for it. Guests on the road needed all the luck they

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558 words - 3 pages appearing in the 1633 book "East-India Colation" by C. Farewell citing the passage "It being a pleasant observation to note the order of their Coaches and Carriages. The difference between professional and amateur novelists often is the author's ability to publish. Many people take up novel writing as a hobby, but the difficulties of completing large scale fictional works of quality prevent the completion of novels. Once authors have completed a

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604 words - 3 pages meaning in that single quote. Which says that you can have a planned out future and see your path but just take everything on step at a time. I understand and felt all the feelings everyone has probably felt before; It has been surprising, a joyful moment, emotional, been proud of myself, and it has been very painful. I wish you all the best in life and pursue what you all want to do. I would like to end my speech by saying farewell to the Strom Thurmond High School Class of 2017. Thank you for listening and good luck!

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1715 words - 7 pages significant changes in the courses of the novels by overcoming oppression.Internment by one's own country in a camp away from anything that a child has known would unquestionably change that child's viewpoint of themselves and of life. Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston writes of confinement in a Japanese internment camp during the years of World War II in Farewell to Manzanar. Houston's realizations about the world and, ultimately, herself are presented in

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359 words - 2 pages Free A character's single mistake can lead to his ultimate downfall. In the book Billy Budd by Herman Melville, the sole mistake of the main character was his naïve nature to assume things to be the way they appear. The protagonist and main character, Billy mistakes his master-at-arms John Claggart, the jealous antagonist against the rise of his status, for a truthful man. It is Billy's childhood teachings, disregard for wise advice, and

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607 words - 3 pages POLITICS ESSAY – Trump and Obama President Barack Obama will be replaced on Friday by a man who is his opposite in many obvious ways — party affiliation, upbringing and ethnicity. But the differences between the two men on tone and temperament are the most polarizing of all. It continues a familiar pattern in modern times in which the new president presents a clear contrast to the person he’s succeeding. In 1992, the Democrat from Hope, Ark

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2223 words - 9 pages poison’d:/ I can no more: the king, the king’s to blame” (5.2.306-313). I am worthy of heaven because I have proven my loyalty and devotion to God even through such extreme circumstances. I pray thee, bless me and grant me entry into heaven. God did not rescue me from the arms of the Devil just to send me back down to hell. There is a spot for me in heaven, and the Lord almighty is making sure that I get there. I, Claudius, admit that I have