A Formal Literary Essay On The Chosen By Chaim Potok

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The main characters in Chain Potok's The Chosen begin their relationship by only seeing their differences. By the end of the book they find their common ground. The change and growth the characters experience is a process of particular interest. Throughout the book, there are many changes in the main character, Danny. One of the most important is that he comes to realize that non-Hasidic people are just as good as Hasidic Jews. The same could be said of any two groups of people.At first Danny thinks all non Hasidic Jews are bad. For example, during the baseball game Davey said, after talking to Danny: "[Danny] said they were going to kill us Apikorsim"(19). Danny really doesn't understand that Reuven is just as good a worshiper as he is and isn't ...view middle of the document...

The second time Danny visits Reuven in the hospital, he reflects back on the baseball game and says:"Do you know what I don't understand about that baseball game? I don't understand why I wanted to kill you"(66). When Danny thinks about how he felt and what he knows and understands now, he sees how ignorant he was. He just can't understand why he felt that way. Danny's feelings really change in a short period of time, especially after seeing how his attitude can hurt people.He understands that non-Hasidic are just as good as Hasidic Jews. When Reuven is talking about Danny he says: "Danny and I were together almost every day during the first month of the summer"(175). Danny and Reuven start to actually become friends and have a much better understanding of each other. When Danny and Reuven are finishing college Reuven says "Its good to have you back" Reuven really does appreciate Danny and if Reuven appreciates Danny than they must have an understanding. The time that Danny and Reuven spent together helped Danny gain a better understanding of Reuven.There are a lot of changes in Danny's life. One the most important is that he comes to understand that non-Hasidic Jews are just as good as Hasidic Jews. Change was not easy for Danny. This was a process of change and growth that focused on one group of people but could be applied to society in general. At first there was conflict as seen at the baseball game. Then there was an attempt by Danny to apologize at the hospital. Finally, at the end of Reuven is invited to Danny's house and is accepted by the family as a friend. The process took time for the characters to develop and grow with new experiences and cultures.


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