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A Friendly Foe: Child Sexual Abuse

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Not surprisingly, most of us find the thought of childhood sexual abuse extremely disturbing. Sadly, that aversion has caused generations of Americans to skirt the epidemic rather than address it head-on. To avoid this infringement, neighborhoods should make notifications of a sex offender because we need to educate our kids about the madness that a sex offender has, child sexual assault cases are of those they personally know, and child molestation is known as an uncontrollable sickness.Sex offenders are ruthless on who they victimize. Our children aren't attentive of their ...view middle of the document...

It could be anyone, a family member, caretaker, or even a family acquaintance. Few pedophiles are able to resist their powerful urges to initiate sexual contact with children. As a result, child molesters often make efforts to gain access to or authority over children. They take jobs where children are easily approached, or they actually pursue youngsters by befriending the child's parents. By doing this the pedophile now has the trust of the child, and learns to have authority over him or her as an alternative to command physical affection.In today's society, child molestation is known as a sickness, a sort-of mental default in the brain. The person finds a mental attraction to those in premature puberty. The offender is usually under depression with a sexual fantasy that includes children and their innocents. It is known of children that aren't educated in this category and people are guaranteed victims of the consciously perverse nightmare.While the average child molester does not belong to a pedophile organization, we would be foolish not to take seriously any group whose members are committed to sexual activity with children. Indeed, pedophiles are often difficult to detect and can be in the most unlikely of places. Knowing this, we must provide our children with proper precossion to recognize and avoid potentially abusive individuals and situations.

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