A Girl In Middle School Finding Out Her Best Friend Is Really Her Secret Bully World Literature Essay

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Alex Hickman
Dr. Johnson
World Literature
22 April 2018
My Secret Bully
It all started on step up day which is a day you go to a new school to look around and meet the teachers before the school year starts. On this day I met Brittney, shortly after we became the best of friends and would go everywhere and do everything together. We were friends for many years and I loved to hang out with her but only when she was nice to me other times she was really mean and I never understood why. I thought she was my friend and so did everyone else, but really she was my secret bully.
Brittney would always name call and wouldn't let me be friends with other people or she would be mad at me and if she was mad at me she would make everyone else mad at me. This continued on for a long time and the longer it went on the more I felt bad about myself. I was very shy and didn't want her to be mad at me so I didn't say anything she said. Until one day I decided that I would try to talk to Brittney and tell her how I felt. When I did she told me that I was just being sensitive and that she wasn't mad at me, we were best friends and I thought maybe she's right, maybe I am just too sensitive.
A long time after this nothing changed, everything is exactly the same and one day one of mine and Brittney's friends made up this lie and told Brittney and Brittney believed her. She confronted me about it and when I said I didn't do it and she called me a liar but this isn't the first time this happened so I knew I had to have proof to back myself up because I knew no one else would. I realized I didn't deserve this and this isn't how friends should be I shouldn't have to prove myself to her. That whole week I was building up the courage to talk to Brittney and tell her how I feel once more but I kept pushing it off because I knew once I stood up for myself Brittney would be mad and make everyone else mad at me. I did it I stood up for myself and I was right she got mad and made everyone else mad at me but I didn't expect one thing this time it was worse anytime she would she me in the halls she would whisper to people and they would all laugh and throw things at me and call me names. I apologized to Brittney even though I didn't do anything wrong because I liked when we would hang out just us she was really nice .
The following year I met a new friend Jessica and it was refreshing to have an actual friend that was nice all the time and didn't make me feel bad about myself. Brittney didn't like when I had other friends. So once she found out she got mad and started...

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