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A Hungry Girl Essay

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A Hungry Girl "Ring!" It was the lunch time bell. I was so hungry. My mom had ordered thin, sliced turkey on a roll with green lettuce, mayonnaise, and fresh tomatoes. While I was walking down the hall to pick up my lunch, I could just picture that delicious turkey deli club roll that my mom had ordered this morning.When I was looking through the lunches on the lunch table, I couldn't find mine! "Maybe your mom ...view middle of the document...

While I was waiting for the nurse to get to me, my stomach growled. I was really unhappy."Next," the nurse said in a voice like she had been waiting on children forever."Umm……my lunch wasn't on the lunch table and I was wondering if you could make--- Before I could finish what I was saying, the nurse got out the bread, peanut butter, and a knife. She spread the thick peanut butter on once piece of bread. After that, she put the two pieces of white bread together and handed it to me."Thanks," I said."Ok," The nurse said while she was already waiting on the next child.Any other time, a peanut butter sandwich would be OK, but, not now when I was waiting for my turkey club roll! The afternoon went slow. Finally, the bell to go home rang.When I was walking down to the hall to go home, I passed the lunch table. I glanced under the table."Oh my gosh!" I said.The lunch was under the table! It must have fallen on the floor. It looked like it was trampled upon. It resembled a pancake.

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