A Incite Into The Pressures Of Life As A Teenager. As Compared To The Simplistic Existance Of A Fly

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I watch the fly, performing aerial acrobatics, flying carelessly, looping and turning in the air. Then SPLAT! The tiny insect ceases to exist, slaughtered by the tight grasp of my hands clamped together in feelings of hatred. I envy the life of that fly. So simple, so carefree. No emotions, no expectations, no rules.That fly did not have to encounter numerous hurdles in her life, she was born as a maggot, evolved into a fly, and then in a brief moment, a millisecond her tedious life was taken from her. She never sat an exam (or studied for that matter), she never had to work at maintaining a relationship, she never had to survive the physical pain of training to succeed in a chosen spo ...view middle of the document...

So we decide upon going partying instead. I question Michael on what I should wear, pack a bottle of Rum, and grab my trusty lighter. As we rush downstairs I make away with my stash of weed and tax $50 out of mum's wallet. We are set! Ready to go and relax, hang out, and chill, whilst all our worries of the present are removed from our minds by the combination of alcohol and marijuana.As I take another rum shot, and draw of the joint, I glance at Michael and see the look of anxiety and pressure over his face, as he sits in the corner alone."Hey beautiful", I say smiling as I sit beside him and kiss him on the cheek."wassup, sexy", he replies in a half heartedly response."What's wrong, stress getting to you", I question, as I look him in the eye."Ha, yeah you know mum, dad the whole deal"."hahaha", I giggle understanding exactly the pressure he is feeling from his parents.Our parents are very similar. Both sets, overprotective of their teenage children who they feel are fine examples of what teenagers should be. But the simple fact is, they aren't remotely cued into the complexity of events we encounter each day of our lives. Sure they know that we both do well at school, that we represent our student body at numerous ceremonies, that Michael is a star Basketball player, and I a dedicated swimmer. But they do not comprehend the stress we feel nor are they aware of the alcohol we consume, drugs...


a short introduction on the life of adeline yen mah as a child who struggled to find a way in life - class - essay

499 words - 2 pages when she is in need of help. Throughout her entire childhood, Adeline is looked down on. “‘Not only are you a liar and a thief, but you are manipulative as well. Nothing will ever come of you. The problem is you have bad blood from your mother. You don’t deserve to be fed and housed here. Girls like you should be sent away. You don’t belong in this house!’”Even though there are some parts of her life where she is mistreated, she finds a way to

Is The U.S. Using The Issue Of Truck Safety As A Trade Barrier To Mexico?

884 words - 4 pages accidents increased 25%.Clearly, Mexico does not have a monopoly on unsafe trucks. Yet despite the fact that nearly three-quarters of U.S. trucks have not ever been rated for safety. And that of the 26% that have been, two out of every five fail to rate as "satisfactory," the parties that are so vehemently concerned with the safety hazards Mexican trucks present have never suggested that overall resources for highway safety inspections be

Analysis of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man - Anchor Bay High School - Essay

1035 words - 5 pages , which make him realize that the life as a priest is dull and, thus, undesirable. All these happened in an instant, yet it’s of paramount significance because he eventually chooses to abandon religion and seek his own knowledge, ideals, and realities, which is one of the most crucial decisions made by Stephen. The technique can also be found in the paragraph “Her image had passed into his soul for ever and no word had broken the holy silence of his

The Will to Power as a neccesary negation of Friendship in Lord of teh Rings - Christendom College/Inklings - Research Paper

3273 words - 14 pages all life. Psychological: that is related to living creatures with a will.” [footnoteRef:3] In these three illustrations of the will to power it is seen that the concept would indeed reach to all creatures everywhere. In the trilogy Tolkien uses his main villains to act as those influenced by Nietzsche’s mindset. Those with this mindset are a result of the temptations of Sauron who is power itself. The result of those influenced by the desire

A Book review- ‘The Dream of Delhi as a Global City’ - La Trobe University - Review

1122 words - 5 pages . 35.3; May 2011; P 533-54), the author demonstrates how the liberalisation of trade and globalisation has led to an increased middle-class ideology and as well to the need of a transformed urban landscape to meet the interests of different stakeholders. The main aim of this paper was to make sure that its readers understand firstly what construct ‘globalised cities’. The arguments provided demonstrate the author has been very descriptive and

promoting the use of bicycles instead of cars as a means of personal transport. - EAP - Essay

1005 words - 5 pages environment-friendly mode of transportation. People could have a chance to get healthy by riding a bicycle, which can be a regular exercise. Thus, many governments of the countries in the world have been encouraging citizens to ride bicycles instead of private cars for a long time. Bicycles are sustainable transportation which provides proper solutions to deal with several problems in a modern society such as air pollution, exhaustion of

Justice as a principle of bioethics

695 words - 3 pages reflected in health outcomes and access to health services. In fact, one of the best ways of predicting a person’s risk of having a stroke is by asking what postcode they live in. People living in the most deprived areas have a 70% higher stroke rate as persons living in the least deprived areas. Addressing the multifaceted reasons for this difference is one of the key challenges facing Australia’s health system in the coming years. Distributive justice

The 1920s as a New Age

351 words - 2 pages The 1920's was a period of change and turmoil for the US on all fronts. Suffering from post-war withdrawal and home grown prosperity this decade can be argued as a period of anxiety, intolerance, hedonism, and liberation. While one aspect of the American lifestyle burgeoned with new culture and technology the other spiraled towards isolationism and nativism.The fear of communism and foreign encroachment on American government and values led to

Letter to an editor of a newspaper as if i were living in the times of the ratification of the constituion

349 words - 2 pages ratification compare the constitution to the republics of Rome and Greece. They believe liberty requires a republican government, but could not possibly work over such large areas as the United States. What makes the constitution different from the republics of ancient Rome and Greece is that it has a balance of powers. The constitution keeps us united as a federal government but leaves reserved powers for the states.One of the main concerns of our

The American Dream defines as a national ethos of the Unified States - work school - essay

692 words - 3 pages Americans and non-Americans? And it is told achieving the dream as a African American or minorities is harder to have due to racism, discrimination and privileges. It comes as an incredible stun to find that the nation which is your origin and to which your life and personality has not, in its entire arrangement of the real world, advanced wherever for you. The irritation and the hole between individuals, just based on their skins, starts there and

This Is An Essay Analyzing The Articles Of Confederation As A First Draft For The Constitution

526 words - 3 pages coin money. The necessities not included in the Articles of Confederation were an important learning experience as well. After the Articles of Confederation, the founders understood the federal government needed the power to enforce laws, regulate commerce, and an executive to head the government. The Articles of Confederation proved to the colonies that while a confederation may be a good thought in theory, a democracy could be achieved by

Memoir of a event in your life that is going to be used as a graphic novel basis - English 1101 gatech - Essay

1125 words - 5 pages place in mind. So, we hoped into our cars and we followed Rob and as the buildings got shabbier and older, I realized that we were leaving London and we may be close to another tiny town. Suddenly, Josh took a left down a narrow two-lane road that seemed to lead nowhere and we stopped near an abandoned run way from WW2 and you could see that years of neglect were finally starting to get to it as grass seeped its way through the tarmac. The runway

The Essay, My Dad, Was Written During My First Year Of College As A Creative Writing Assignment. I Choose To Compose Upon A Memory From My Childhood

711 words - 3 pages details that occured. When I was about the age of ten my parents decided to separate. At my young age I, like most typical children at that age, I didn't exactly understand the circumstances. It was exceptionally difficult to cope with. Throughout all the arguments between my parents, I recall a few lines of one argument clearly, like a bottle of purified drinking water. I remember standing outside of my mother's bedroom door that was slightly

DBQ 1999: To What Extent Had The Colonists Developed A Sense Of Their Identity And Unity As Americans By The Eve Of The Revolution?

377 words - 2 pages The hardships that the American colonists faced in the colonies from 1750 to 1776 resulted in them having a sense of identity and unity as Americans. Many other factors such as geography and culture played a big role too.The French and Indian War and other conflicts proved to the world that America was a formable opponent. The French and Indian War was fought over the Ohio Valley; the British saw the French as a threat since the colonies were

Essay On Marital Rape, As Well As A Historical Background On The Sexual Manipulation And Control Of Women. This Was Written For A Senior Level Behavioral Science Course

4373 words - 18 pages connected to a pole and then dunked into the water was a great embarrassment as well as a sign of social castigation and warning to those who considered speaking their mind inside the walls of their own homes. Men were unlikely to provide support for their wives, as social disregard for the wife's behavior could be passed on to them through public embarrassment as well. The man's job was to deliver to the public the presentation of an obedient wife