A Letter From Eliza Doolittle To Mrs Higgins - English - Essay

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April 6, 1914
Dear Mrs. Higgins,
It’s been quite a while since we last spoke, therefore, I am writing to you, Mrs.
Higgins. How is your health, Mrs. Higgins? I hope you’re doing well. The sky has been grey
since this morning, it seems it’s going to rain today. I sure hope it does not turn cold, there is
so much influenza out there. I do advise to stay home. It has come to my knowledge that I did
not thank you properly after you helped me by giving me a shelter when I had nowhere to go.
I am forever grateful for your kindness. So much has happened since the wedding of my
father. I had begun a new chapter in my life.
I have found a job as an assistant, well to be more precise, I am now Mr. Higgins’
assistant. This can be confusing due to my conflict with Mr. Higgins but it is only temporary.
I have set my sail to teach phonetics myself but in order to do so, I have to learn the basics.
Not to worry, I am being paid. It took a lot, but not too much, convincing to make Mr.
Higgins teach me phonetics but in the end, he agreed. I needed to prove that I am as good as
he is which is also a part of the reason why I decided to learn phonetics. He still treats me as
he did before but I don’t expect him to change, I learned that already. However, he does let
me teach his pupils once in while and it always reminds me when I was a pupil.
I did not think that learning phonetics would be amusing. I learned so many things
from Mr. Higgins. I learned the different dialects of different region and also the variety of
accent which would indicate where a person is from. Mr. Higgins also taught me how to
teach and how to use music to show someone how words or sentences sound. Mr. Higgins is
tough but I do not let that get to me with the reassurance of Colonel Pickering. His teaching is
very useful and I am always pleased to learn something new. Sometimes, when I am out, I do
try to guess where someone is from by just listening to how they sound. It always makes me
happy when just listening to them, I know where they are from. It makes me realized how far
I have come. It seems that I am almost ready to teach phonetics myself.
Also, I am seeing Freddy now. He’s a very good man, he loves me very much and
treats me respectfully, lovingly. We spend most of our time together and go on a lot of
picnics. He sends me a letter every day when he does not see me. He also comes by Wimpole
Street everyday which makes Mr. Higgins quite mad. Colonel Pickering, on the other hand,
takes quite the amusement out of it. Freddy and I are planning to get married when I have
enough money to support him. With that, I do wish you do come to my wedding, I will be
very pleased if you do. With all the money that we’ll have, we’ll buy a nice little flat where
we would spend the rest of our days. In the meantime, I...

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