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Dear Kurt,
I miss you so much and I wish you could be here in Spain with me. Spain is very nice and I wish you could be here with me. Today, I decided to spend my time in the Museo Nacional Del Prado (Prado Museum). This museum is very grand and it was founded in 1819 and is located in central Madrid. I have never visited a museum like this before and I wish you could see everything I am seeing.
As I walk into the museum it has very high ceilings and gorgeous paintings all around. One painting that really caught my attention though was the painting by Francisco de Goya, Executions of The Third of May, 1808. This particular painting was painted in 1816 to show the invasion by the French army into Spain. This painting was huge, I wish you were here to see it! It hangs on the wall of this museum at about 10 x 14 feet and is painted on a canvas with oils. It is nothing like I have ever seen. Having this painting this big really shows all of the detail and the dramatic effect Goya is trying to show. It is said that this particular artist, Francisco de Goya used the oil colors of white, yellow, and red to get make sure he would get the attention by creating something so dramatic (Living With Art - 10/e (PDF) 129).
The title of the painting says it all, Executions of the Third of May, 1808. This painting is showing how the French were firing their guns to capture Spanish prisoners. This particular painting was painted in 1814 in Spain to recreate the execution of Spanish prisoners and how the French decided to take over. As I look into the piece of art, in the background you see a very dark night sky with, it appears to be a city. As you come into the middle ground of the painting, you begin to see a hill and prisoners on the left. On the right you see a straight line of soldiers with their guns drawn. Also in the middle, what really catches your eye is the prisoner in the white shirt with yellow pants with his hands up and the guy behind him with his hands over his face. You are not able to see the faces of the soldiers but the faces of the prisoners are very visible. The prisoners are very scared and do not want to be shot. In the fore ground of the painting, all my eyes ...


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302 words - 2 pages Advertising in our society is an everyday occurrence. So much so, as we are watching television or listening to the radio our minds sometimes are not even registering that we are being coerced and enticed every second. Advertising has become a multibillion dollar industry and generates an immense amount of revenue.Everything is advertised . Shoes, makeup, public servants, even colleges has succombed to this sometimes sleazy business

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813 words - 4 pages . Eddie also offered to teach Rodolpho how to box. Rodolpho is not a violent man, you and I both know that. And with a voice like his, shouldn’t ever need to learn how to fight. This act was Eduardo asserting his dominance, but I will not have anyone treat my little brother like that, especially a man who doesn’t treat his wife or niece with respect. Eddie took a swing at Rodolpho, which my brother may have seen as friendly, but I saw beyond it

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785 words - 4 pages Free ...But you owe it to the people, the state, and your own integrity to encourage the state of Tennessee to move onward into a world where personal beliefs do not infringe on the lives of people who just want to feel normal and be accepted.

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591 words - 3 pages going? Welcome to your tenth-grade flashback. So far it has been a bland year for school. Nothing exciting has happened and it is only your sophomore year, so I don’t have high expectations. My social life is fun though. I have a lot of close friends that I hang out with and that drive me places. I am trying to make this year more social and I want to meet new people. The only bad thing is your terrible job, but mom and dad won’t let you quit for

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518 words - 3 pages , whatever surgery he would need, it would be stupid costly even with insurance. His whole body needs to be reconstructed as he would say. I especially found interest when you said, “we are born into a government 60 years in debt.” The national debt when you wrote this poem was 400 billion dollars. Charles my friend, in 2018, that debt is now 21 trillion dollars. Incomprehensible. Truthfully Charles I don’t know how my generation is going to get