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A Life Without Hope By Ethan Frome

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Throughout Ethan Frome's life, he was condemned to a cruel, indecent life. Tormented for years, Ethan was pushed to the extreme. Since his return from college, after the sickness of his parents, Ethan had been isolated from the outside world. Following the death of Ethan?s mother, he attempted to escape the loneliness and silence, so he proposed to the caretaker, Zenna. However, the marriage brought a life of poverty and lonesomeness. A Starksfield native, Mrs. Ned Hale, summed up the gravely condition of the Fromes. She said there is no difference between Ethan Frome at the farm, or him in the graveyard (Wharton 74). After years of enduring hardships, Ethan and his new lover, Mattie Silver, ...view middle of the document...

The lonesomeness would get to everyone. The rural life scratched at Ethan?s soul ever since he became a young man; eventually, he was overwhelmed. As well as being isolated from society, Ethan was stuck in a life of poverty. For example, Ethan expresses his lack of money when he is considering selling the farm. Then he remembers the farm was mortgaged to the limit, which means they could only clear a small amount of money (Wharton 66). It is hard to imagine how financial burden could lead to so much stress and disappointment. How would it feel to be trapped in a financial hole with no light in sight? That defiantly would damper the human spirit. Additionally, Ethan?s wife, Zenna, trapped him in unneeded financial turmoil; she needed doctors and a caregiver, which would cost a lot of money (Wharton 29-48). The pressures of bogus medical bills could cause problems. With the money dwindling, many people believe the constant strain can contribute to a weakened spirit. Moreover, Mr. Frome was working on the farm because he was trapped in poverty; thus, not allowing him to follow his dreams of moving to Florida or getting a higher education (Wharton 5). The forces of poverty left him with the blues. If dreams are not followed, it can make humans have a negative outlook. Poverty can cause people to act out of desperation, even if it means that you try to commit suicide Finally, Ethan?s wife only caused more isolation. About a year after marriage, Mrs. Frome had fallen ill to an absolute silence (Wharton 27). If...

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