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“The second world war saw unimaginable slaughter with sporadic efforts to transcend it?”
World war II was a war of attrition, destruction, death, and slaughter on all fronts such as, the carpet bombing by the English, the inhumane and wicked acts perpetrated by the Nazi party, culling the Jewish population and the use of nuclear weapons by America to unarm and destroy the Japanese. It is clear to see that this war was wide spread, with millions affected. However, was this human disaster, in fact, a battle between good and evil or just a sporadic plunge into tyranny and disaster leaving the world vulnerable to the thrall of the Nazi regime and its Japanese allies.
Examples, statics and evidence of this proposed ‘unimaginable slaughter’ has been cast over the entirety of the second world war, proving to be a key aspect over the course of this 6-year assault. Seeing millions of innocent men, women and children brutally killed in catastrophic events such as ‘the holocaust’, ‘the carpet bombing of Dresden’ and the use of ‘nuclear warfare by the American’s’ on Japan.
Hitler’s ‘final solution’ for the Jewish problem, considered by many as the greatest crime against Humanity is a key example of ‘unimaginable slaughter’. From the 30th of January 1933 Hitler commenced ‘The final solution’. This desire for a perfect race would grow greater and much more efficient over the course of the war, as High ranking German officials such as Reinhard Heydrich and Herman Goring whom assisted to develop new and more effective killing techniques over the course of the war. Evolving from rounding up Jews and physically shooting them to the final solution, which consisted of many death camps such as Triblinka, Belzec and Sobibor and Auschwitz being developed, equipped with gas chambers that could kill approximately 6,000 Jews every day. The combination of techniques resulted in approximately 6 million innocent Jews being slaughtered.
Britain’s carpet bombing of Dresden saw horrendous death, injury and damage caused to both the city and the German residence. Now described as a war crime, the RAF’s bombing lacked suitable grounds for attack as the city of Dresden had little to no importance to the German war effort. As a result of Churchill’s decision to bomb Dresden, it is estimated that 35,000 – 135,000 were killed over the course of two days, between February 13th and February 15th, 1945. This act is seen by many as sporadic and evil, adding to the unnecessary deaths attributed to the war period.
America joined the war effort 1941, after the attack on Pearl harbor by the Japanese. America's response to this Japanese threat was ruthless and catastrophic with the first military use of nuclear warfare in history. On August, the 6th 1945 an American B-29, flew over Hiroshima, dropping the first Atomic bomb in history. Wiping out approximately 90% of the city, instantly killing 80,000 people. Three days later, America dropped another atomic bomb on Nagasaki, instantly kill...


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