A Man For All Seasons Questions & Answers Santa Ana College / English 103 Assignment

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1. Sir Thomas more’s character would be described as well-respected man. He is also generous, honest and clever. Some of his strengths include communication and wisdom. I wouldn’t say sir Thomas has much weak traits to be named, but him sticking to his beliefs was his downfall. That could be his one weakness. 
2. Alice more’s character would be described as realistic. Some of her strengths include bravery and considerate. Some of her weaknesses would include her lack of understanding for her husband’s decisions. She does not agree with what her husband is doing. She more concerned with the shelter, warmth and food for her family. But she’s also just more practical than her husband, that’s why she doesn’t agree. 
3. Margret Roper’s character can be descried almost just as her father is. Kind and full of witt. A weakness of her’s is wordiness. She was being used by Cromwell to persuade her father. She doesn’t agree with her father because again like her mother she seems practical. Why stick with values when you can just agree with the king and live another day. 
4. The statement is applicable a bit and then it’s not. While Margaret understands her father’s conscious decisions, allice does not. At the end of all of it, they’re both practical, begging that sir Thomas changes his mind. 
5. Duke of Norfolk would be described as unsophisticated, lacks morals and intelligence. His strengths are being that he is a fair hearted man, but his weakness is that he’s not very intellectual. He doesn’t agree with sir Thomas because like the rest; he doesn’t understand why sir Thomas has to sacrifice his life to protect his reputation. 
6. Thomas Cromwell is a villain. While he is quite intellectual, he is also devious and a man ready to take action when necessary. He lacks morality, he feels the slight of guilt when trying to facilitate more’s execution. He doesn’t care with what more’s decision is, he is hungry for power and will do whatever it takes. 
7. Richard Rich can be described as a low level performing student. Some of his strengths are being ambitious. Some of his weakness would include being selfish, doing whatever it takes for social and wealth advancement. He doesn’t care, he just wants to do anything that will aide him in advancement in life. He betrayed sir Thomas anyways. 
8. I feel like sir Thomas more refused to take oath in the hopes to become a martyr. He did for his beliefs, to protect his reputation. In his family eyes, he was a martyr. Not a hero, if he would have gone with the king’s wishes he would have saved his family. If he would have done that, then he could be considered a hero. 
9. The story has some relevance. But a lot of politicians now and days are very corrupt so not many are ready to die for their beliefs. Brief relevance I can think of is trump firing a few members from his cabinet. Either that or some of the resigning because they don’t want to be involved with trump. 


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