A Mock Newspaper Article About Ghandi Which Describes His Basic Achievements

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An amazing man who goes by the name Mahatma Ghandi has recently shook up the world by having the great British Empire grant India home rule. On the 15 of August 1947, Britain granted India independence. The newly liberated landmass has been divided into a Muslim Pakistan and a Hindu India. Not only has this man accomplished what was once thought to be impossible, but he has done so in a fashion that will forever revolutionize the art of rebellion. With his passive resistance, the people of India have brought the British Empire to its knees. This moment is not to be thought of as a loss for England, but as triumph for peace in these days of war.Gandhi's fight for the freedom of India wa ...view middle of the document...

This not only helped the impoverished of India gain more business, but it broke ties with British cloth trade.Though his victories were many, Gandhi suffered a severe downfall with a small town of Chauri Chaura. A demonstration escalated into a violent uprising. Gandhi felt disheartened by the violence shown and fasted for all of India to stop the rebellion against the British. He was sent to prison for sedition and was released two years later. In the years between 1925 and 1930, Gandhi did not actively participate in Indian politics. Instead he tried to end untouchability and animosity between Hindus and Muslims. Gandhi was once again considered a thing of the past, and once again, he would set about to prove everybody wrong.In march of 1930, Gandhi began his most successful campaign. Marching towards the sea, he and 60,000 other Indians made salt. Prior to this, Indians were forced to buy English salt. Once again this benefited the impoverished and broke off ties with Britain.Britain was at the mercy of this little man, and he knew it. Through years of passive fighting, Gandhi has achieved his goal of Indian home rule through a revolutionary idea of passive aggressiveness.Gandhi's philosophy is incredible, his ideals and love for peace and its promotion are an inspiration to us all. His conversation with a British ambassador while imprisoned explained the beliefs behind his crusades. When the ambassador asked Gandhi to calm violent uprisi...


An Essay Portraying A Basic Understanding Of Bilingualism In Children, Including Definitions, Adavantages And Disadvantages, And Critical Ages In Which Learning Is Best

615 words - 3 pages Bilingualism LogSomeone who is bilingual has the ability to use two languages, especially with equal fluency. According to the 1990 United States Census, about 31.8 million people speak a language other than English in their home. Numerous researchers agree that children exposed to a second language at an early age will naturally put both languages to use. Children will often go through periods of blending the two languages. This occurs because

This Is A Short Essay About The Book "O Pioneers" That Describes The Characters And The Plot

608 words - 3 pages 1. I think that Alexandra's sense of responsibility and Carl's love of freedom make a perfect balance. While Carl would give up many things for freedom, Alexandra's responsible streak would keep them grounded. Carl's intelligence works with Alexandra's courage to help them get though the harder parts of their relationship.2. After reading this book, I don't think it is really Ivar that was feared or hated, but his beliefs and the fact that he

A Small Article For Journalism About Walter Cronkite And His Bias During The Vietnam War

309 words - 2 pages Free Cronkite's moral concern that was shown throughout his carrer began at a young age when he witnessed an event that his father perceived as unjust. His family and another sat on the front porch, and African American delivery boy came to deliver ice cream. However, the moment he set foot on the porch, his neighbor jumped up and hit the delivery boy in the face and said, "That'll teach you, nigger, to put your foot on a white man's front porch

Thomas Becket -This is a basic overview of the life of Thomas Becket. It also tells about the power struggle between Becket and King Henry II

351 words - 2 pages The story of King Henry II and Thomas Becket tell us a tale of their friendship, which at times, becomes violent. King Henry and Thomas Becket were great friends, however, when Thomas Becket is appointed as the Archbishop of Canterbury, their lives are changed forever when their political differences are realized. Because Becket gave up his state title to be fully committed to the church, the King wanted revenge on Becket. The King felt that

Monologue about a person that lost his job - Year 12 - monologue

965 words - 4 pages Failure Directors note: Character pale, about 5 foot 5, wearing long-sleeve blue t-shirt, cheap tie, black belt and dirty black shoes, black glasses, receding hairline, with grey streaks and tired red small eyes. [In the CS, there is a tool booth and inside is it is the protagonist. A bright light shone on him. He’s standing, while leaning on a chair, gripping the chair tightly, which is inside a small confined tool booth.] [Staring into his

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1218 words - 5 pages of humanity is also apparent. In conclusion, through the use of language and imagery, the writer manages to drastically change the reader’s view on Richard throughout the play. He, through his deformities and how harshly he is treated, is first portrayed as a helpless character which allows the reader to feel sympathy towards him. Later on, in the turning point in act 4 scene 2, all sympathy is lost when Richard makes dreadful comments about his

This essay discusses the basic mechanics and characteristics of the ways in which we humans use wind as a tool

274 words - 2 pages Wind generated power has been used since ancient times for pumping water, grinding grain and transportation. Windmills (wind turbines) can now even generate electricity! I chose this topic because it seems that the whole world should be running off wind generated power. It is cleaner and it provides a never-ending supply, which means there would be no 'power failures.' Wind generated power isn't that easy to create because you need to

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1127 words - 5 pages should I do? If I don't marry him I will feel guilty because he is my love and he cannot live without me, and if I marry him, it will hurt you and I don't want you to be hurt. I want you to be my same good friend, I want to go to college and sit besides you with proud, the same way, which we have been doing since one year. I want you to take your time and think about it. I am sure you will find a better solution to save three lives from distraction

Newspaper Assignment

431 words - 2 pages united labor workmen the pier of Brooklyn, New York and Jersey City strike. It explained how more than 50,000 labors went on strike. The strike brought the pier to halt. The second article I read was about a young wife who murdered her husband. The article stated in a family quarrel, Wellsbro, Penn., this morning Jacob Van Woert, a farming living near Stokesdale junction was shot and instantly killed by his sixteen year old wife. The next

Johnny Tremain

370 words - 2 pages Free the Boston Tea Party, which starts the conflicts in that area. The video also describes Paul Revere's Ride through Lexington. Then Dr. Warren a member of the Sons of Liberty cuts Johnny's fingers apart so they could be operational again. Johnny was very affected by his friend, Rab's death and continued their struggle. Also the Lytes fled to England and Johnny and Priscilla (Cilla) acknowledge for each other.

Spanish American War And World War I

498 words - 2 pages war with Spain. If it weren't for the newspaper article no one in America would fight Spain to help Cuba receive independence. By America getting what they wanted after the Spanish-American War it represent the achievement of a second phase of manifest destiny. Since manifest destiny is when one country rules the whole world the second phase was when one country has full control of one hemisphere and that's what exactly America did. America

apa citation guide - how to do the citation - sfu - apa citation guide

1541 words - 7 pages structure is: Journal Article Examples: Mitchell, J.A. (2017). Citation: Why is it so important. Mendeley Journal, 67(2), 81-95 Mitchell, J.A. (2017). Citation: Why is it so important. Mendeley Journal, 67(2), 81-95. Retrieved from https://www.mendeley.com/reference-management/reference-manager How to Cite a Newspaper Articles in Print or Online in APA Format The basic structure is as follows: Author surname, initial(s). (Year, Month Day). Title. Title

amanda knox news paper analysis - it tallaght - essay

1602 words - 7 pages and calculating with loose morals. In contrast more favourably she describes Kercher as ‘mediterranean looking’ and ‘warm’ and ‘popular’. Amanda was found to be doing cartwheels in a police station, hours after her friend had been killed. Knox’s behaviour wasn’t very orthodox but who’s to judge how each individual handle’s such a tragedy. The article continues talking about how students were stunned by Amanda’s reaction and they can only recall

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931 words - 4 pages goals, like emotions, are forever unattainable. Outwardly, Gatsby seemed to be a successful embodiment of the American Dream. He was a wealthy self-made man who through a string of extravagant parties however, he never participated or enjoyed them. Gatsby believed that the only way to make his life a true success, was to marry Daisy. A clear example of this is when Nick describes people’s perception of him,”The lawn and drive had been crowded with

"Citizen Kane"

340 words - 2 pages The film premiered on May 1, 1941. "Citizen Kane" is about, a newspaper tycoon, Citizen Foster Kane, and it chronicles his life from a young boy to his death. It starts off with his death and his dying word being rosebud. This was a sleigh he played with as a child. We only see his life through the eyes of his friends and enemies. It's impossible to totally see what this movie is all about, but it is basically just about one man's emptiness and