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January 30, 2019
Response Paper: Stranger Things
A maternal bond, the relationship between a mother and her child, is one of the strongest bonds in society between humans and even animals. Mothers are one of the most important figures in a child’s life. One of the most meaningful roles that a mother plays is the role of nurturer. While typically associated with pregnancy and childbirth, a maternal bond can also be developed in cases where the child is adopted. Both physical and emotional factors influence the mother-child bonding process. Mothers teach us to have confidence and believe in ourselves. They teach us import life skills and values. A mother’s love can be unbreakable. However, moms may express their love in a plethora of ways. In the science fictional television show, Stranger Things, we see two different ways, between Karen Wheeler and Joyce Byers, on how a mother reacts to her child missing and shows her love for them.
Karen Wheeler was the wife of Ted Wheeler and the mother to Nancy, Mike, and Holly. Together the family lived at their home in Hawkins, Indiana. Karen seems to be one of those typical suburban moms, that is more concerned with appearances and what others think. Karen wants to portray that she has the perfect life with a happy family. Along with the idea of a perfect life, her daughter Nancy states that she believes that her mother and father (Ted) never truly loved each other, saying they only got married because she was young, and Ted had a well-paying job. Karen seems to be concerned about her family, like when she tries to comfort her son Mike about losing his friend Will, or when she tries to scold Nancy for being out so late. She loves her family, but she’s not the type of mom to go to extremes like Joyce Byers. When Mike sort of “goes missing” (Mike is actually out looking for Will and is unable to return home due to the government people trying to stop him and ...


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