A Movie About Sabrina And How It Is Not Considered A Romantic Comedy But Should Be Nyu English Comp Research Paper

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Sabrina, the 1954 film starring Audrey Hepburn and directed by Billy Wilder, is a
classic romantic drama film filled with ups and downs. This film shows the hidden truths
behind love, that it doesn’t always work out the way people may think it will. Sabrina, a
chauffeur's daughter is desperate for the attention of her childhood crush, David. She’s
been in love with him since she was a kid, even after being accepted to the best
cooking school in paris and being so far away from David for two years, she still finds a
way to think about him everyday. David never paid much attention to Sabrina, till she
got back from Paris and looked so grown up and beautiful. She was so beautiful, David
wanted to break things off with his fiance and run off with Sabrina, the woman he
convinced himself he now loved, which did not say much since he had had three
previous marriages. David invites Sabrina to a party. Knowing David dances with any
pretty girl who catches his fancy, she puts on the most beautiful gown she has from
Paris. While dancing, he whispers to her to meet him at the tennis court. He is caught
up by his family and unable to meet Sabrina, so his brother goes instead. It is urgent
that David marries Larabee’s daughter because he owns the second largest sugarcane
business in the world which would help them make a lot of money if David marries his
daughter. Linus pulls a scheme is to have Sabrina fall for him and leave David. He
dances with Sabrina at the tennis court and even kisses her. Sabrina and Linus go on
dinners and a boat cruise. While Linus pretends to be in love with Sabrina in a way to
have her fall for him, he actually begins to fall in love with her. He talks about how he
wants to leave for Paris and take her with him but that is not true because he was
planning to not be on the boat, so by the time she realized, it would be too late and
David would be married to the other woman. But, Sabrina has made all plans for him to
enjoy his time in Paris. Sabrina begins to fall in love with Linus and meets him on the
boat; Linus was...

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