A Narrative That Is A Letter To Charlie. To Write A Creative Narrative Narrative

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Australia, and near something called, the leaning tower of pizza! 13/11/2017
Dear Charlie,
I am literally in the place I was born in, Australia! I have finally arrived, after a dangerous 10-mile swim! I was born here, and was moved to America for money! I know what you’re thinking, why would anyone want me, I’m just a stupid little penguin, that’s adorable and only exists in Australia, well every little penguin only exists in Australia! It’s not that interesting!
Anyway, it all happened in 1998. I was going out for a high walk up a steep hill, admiring the beautiful sound of the water, gushing against the hard rocks, smashing each other! I was so relaxed, so I spread my hands out, closed my eyes, and ran through the beautiful breeze, but when I fell of the cliff, and landed on a hard ship, it wasn’t as relaxing! The ship was massive, and was so beautiful! I could see diamond jewellery on the edge of the ship, and I could see high quality food, high quality seats, and high quality everything! It was like a treasure box being opened, and you expected another clue, but instead, you got gold, and diamonds, well this is the same thing! I waddled slowly, trying hard to look at where I was going, it’s already hard for me when I’m the smallest penguin specie, along with crowds of tall people, It’s nearly impossible! I suddenly bumped into someone, as I expected! He was large, and muscly, and had thick, tanned and tattooed skin! He picked me up, and kissed me all over! It was as if you were swimming in a pool full of your grandma’s saliva! I nearly vomited in his face, I wish I did, but I’ve got to say, he took really good care of me for the next week, and I even got to spend a day in the ice tub! They literally made fish, just for me, it was also on the menu!
The next week, I was in America! The man didn’t really say by to me, I think it was because I vomited on his passport! No big deal, he couldn’t get to go to America, and had to make a new passport! These aliens are really fussy these days! Anyway, I found a cool and beautiful ocean, and I thought it wouldn’t hurt if in swam...

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