A Night I Can Never Forget Assignment

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A Perfect Evening It was one of the most perfect evenings in my entire life when I had a date with the person I love. Everything went more than amazing as if I was reborn again. It was an evening that opened the doors of a new world for me. A world that is full of contentment. I never thought such an evening would change my life.It started first when this person called me and asked me out for a date. I dressed my new marvellous dark red dress with the greyish sparkles on it, put on an outstanding make up and w ...view middle of the document...

After I stepped in the car I was astonished as he was very handsome in his black suit and his dark red tie. Shyness was all over me. He played for me my favorite slow song that I knew afterwards that it was his favorites too. Then he drove us to a restaurant that I have never been before.As we entered, there was a reservation for us in the best place. It was near the dance floor. The restaurant was wide; the walls were made of varnished brown bricks and the lights were spotted on the tables, which made me feel very comfortable and that I was surrounded with romance. After we sat and ordered dinner he took me to the dance floor. As we were dancing he whispered the most beautiful words telling me how much he loved and cared about me, which showed me how tender, and romantic he is. After we finished eating we kept on talking till time took us and we had to leave. He paid the cheque then we left.After we reached my building and I was getting out of the car, he thanked me for this day and told me how glad he would be if he spent the rest of his life with me and he kissed me good night. I flew up to my apartment to change my clothes and wear my pyjamas. I lied in bed and thanked god for such a wonderful and magnificent evening.


I can forget the whole world, but not you

365 words - 2 pages Free Nowadays many old people have Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. An old couple, Mr. and Mrs. Wang, from Taiwan, have both suffered from the Alzheimer's for a long time. However, their love, so far, has changed little despite the diagnosis. Their story is just like what is described in an old song:^ I can forget the whole world, but not you. ̄   Mr. Wang, 85, is a retired army officer. He has been marrying his 69

The Friend I Never Knew. A Creative Writing Piece That Is Meant To Be Surround The Theme, "The New Neigbours"

1586 words - 7 pages Free nights sleeping in the room across mine.Now, I know. I'm not sure if the image of him that night was really human form or his spirit watching over me. I think, the latter. And, now I know. I shouldn't have been scared in any case. Everyday, I am reminded of his presence just by gazing out my window and into his. When I walk past his home on the way to school, I envision him there, scrambling over with a backpack and a sandwich breakfast and we'd walk to school together. I say a silent prayer in memory of him. Rest his soul, my dear neighbor and the friend that I never knew.

Platonic Solids Essay- This Is An Essay I Wrote For Math Class On Why There Are Exactly Five Regular Polyhedra, And Why There Can Never Be Any More Of Them

536 words - 3 pages figure with less than 3 faces meeting at a vertex. So we can rule that out for each shape. For a triangle, since the angles are 60 degrees each, you can have 3, 4, and 5 faces meeting at a vertex without the angular defect being 360 or more, and all of those are polyhedra I mentioned before. Next is the square. Since the angles are 90 degrees each, you can have only 3 faces meeting at a vertex without the angular defect being 360 or more. This is a

Narrative, a story I made for English and If you want it you can have it - Palo verde - Essay

720 words - 3 pages long I've became stone cold now that your here I can leave and you can take my place!” Tiffany and Zack begged not to be left there, The Shadow looked with regret but had no choice it was his time to go and no one was going to change his mind. It's been a few weeks, and Tiffany had fallen ill she couldn't go another day without food or talking to her daughter Zoe. That night Tiffany passed away in Zacks arms and he cried all night long. ” Why would

Is The Character Of Malvolio From Shakepreares Twelfth Night 'notoriously Abused'? This Was My Courswork For AS Level English Literature And I Achieved 81 Out Of 90 Which Is An A

2518 words - 11 pages Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare's most famous comedies, involving complex plots, which result in hilarious culminations. The main plot of Twelfth Night tells of Count Orsino's efforts to woo the Lady Olivia who does not return his affection. Instead, Olivia is smitten with Orsino's servant Cesario, unaware of his true identity. Cesario is actually a shipwrecked Viola who, believing her brother has drowned, dresses up as a man to work for

Song anyalog for multiple songs - Pleasant Valley/English - Assigment

2062 words - 9 pages ​2am; where do I begin, crying off my face again ​, the silent sound of loneliness wants to follow me to bed. ​ I'm the ghost of a girl that I want to be most, I'm the shell of a girl that I used to know well. Dancing slowly in an empty room. Can the lonely take the place of you? I sing myself a quiet lullaby. Let you go and let the lonely in, to take my heart again. ​Too afraid to go inside, for the pain of one more loveless night, cause the

"Thank You, Ma'am" by Langston Hughes - Foss High School - English assignment

553 words - 3 pages . When the police inform him, they have found the silver in Valjean's knapsack. Bishop tells the police that he had given them to Valjean as a gift. He chastises Valjean for not taking the silver candlesticks as well. After the police leave, he tells Valjean to use the silver to become an honest man. Here is the quote: "Forget not, never forget that you have promised me to use this silver to become an honest man.... Jean Valjean, my brother: you

I Believe Friendship is Important - Honors English - Essay

638 words - 3 pages and talk. We have shared many experiences together at the camp that I will never forget, like the time that we got caught outside of our dorm rooms in the middle of the night. We were up texting in our individual dorms, when we decided it would be fun to hang out in the common rooms right outside the dorms. One of the supervisors with a big white beard, who also looked like santa, found us talking when we were supposed to be asleep. We still talk

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444 words - 2 pages judgment of Tim’s feedback, or “response to a message”, the argument would have never began in the first place. Everybody has their nights in poker so I eventually ended up respecting him after that. But I never did forget that night of how lucky he have gotten against me.

Jeremiah Victorin Inquiry Project About Dreams

546 words - 3 pages Free , Can dreaming give a performance boost? Why can’t we remember our dreams, and other do? People who remember their dreams respond stronger than those who don’t, research says. We will never be sure why we forget our dreams. Our brain’s neurochemicals, during sleep, are different from when we wake up. We don’t pay attention to our dreams. Sleep Scientist are learning what happens to the brain when we sleep/dream. Scientist says our nightmares dreams

Stone cold essay year 9 by Robert Swindells 2018 - Auckland grammar - Essay

725 words - 3 pages minute, day and night… There’s nowhere you can run to, because nobody cares.” Shelter – “Hundreds of scruffy blighters, lying around making the place manky.” Shelter - “but I can clean up the garbage, can’t I?… By golly I will”. “Carole and Mum put their money together and got me a sleeping bag… but it said something to me. It said they thought of me as a dosser…it hurt like hell.” “I was dead green see? A babe in arms”. “I’ve tramped the narrow

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711 words - 3 pages liked marvel movies and comic books. We went to every opening night of the “Spiderman” and “Avengers” movies that came out. This is how I became even more literate in Marvel because my friend had books and movies that I had never seen before. But sooner or later we started not going on schedule and we each found other hobbies that sparked our individual interests. I think that people are literate in a lot of things even if they just speak one

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652 words - 3 pages and that they have never experienced true existence as truth, while the Rene Descartes more debates over if the concept is valid or invalid. The last piece, which is a dialogue between Socrates and Glaucon, focuses more on using logic and reason to prove this belief and how one would transition from the dream world to actual reality. Out of the literary pieces, I find the dialogue of Socrates and Glaucon and the Matrix Synopsis to have the most

Romeo And Juliet's Love Is Not Real Love, But Only An Idea Of The Real Aspect Of True Love

1161 words - 5 pages all combined, save what thou must combine?(2.3.59-60)" I think that after that one night, that Romeo and Juliet could not be in love. I feel that they are immature and just want to be free from their families.What I found to be the greatest challenges of reading Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, was the vocabulary that was used in Romeo's lines, "He jests at scars that never felt a wound./ But soft, what light through yonder window breaks(2.2.1-1

never forget-- short story assignment - Bayview SS - assignment short story

1013 words - 5 pages Never Forget "Welcome to Wonderland." The soldier says with a smile when Richard arrives at the entrance of Wonderland, "What do you want?" Richard looks at that soldier and says," I want to become a famous musician so I can have so many money." The soldier laughs," You are not the only person that want to become famous and have so many money. You can make what you want comes true inside. But first of all, you need to give me everything that