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A Night I Can Never Forget

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A Perfect Evening It was one of the most perfect evenings in my entire life when I had a date with the person I love. Everything went more than amazing as if I was reborn again. It was an evening that opened the doors of a new world for me. A world that is full of contentment. I never thought such an evening would change my life.It started first when this person called me and asked me out for a date. I dressed my new marvellous dark red dress with the greyish sparkles on it, put on an outstanding make up and wore ...view middle of the document...

After I stepped in the car I was astonished as he was very handsome in his black suit and his dark red tie. Shyness was all over me. He played for me my favorite slow song that I knew afterwards that it was his favorites too. Then he drove us to a restaurant that I have never been before.As we entered, there was a reservation for us in the best place. It was near the dance floor. The restaurant was wide; the walls were made of varnished brown bricks and the lights were spotted on the tables, which made me feel very comfortable and that I was surrounded with romance. After we sat and ordered dinner he took me to the dance floor. As we were dancing he whispered the most beautiful words telling me how much he loved and cared about me, which showed me how tender, and romantic he is. After we finished eating we kept on talking till time took us and we had to leave. He paid the cheque then we left.After we reached my building and I was getting out of the car, he thanked me for this day and told me how glad he would be if he spent the rest of his life with me and he kissed me good night. I flew up to my apartment to change my clothes and wear my pyjamas. I lied in bed and thanked god for such a wonderful and magnificent evening.

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