A Non Religious Contract In America

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A Non-Religious Contract in AmericaThe religious standards of Americans today have plummeted to a new low. Fewer people are going to church than earlier in the century. Many people are marrying without even going to a priest by getting a judge to marry them. Divorce is steadily on the rise. Today's society accepts homosexuals! Now the issue arises over whether we should allow homosexuals to marry. And you know what? It is really none of the government's business.America can no longer deny its homosexual citizens the right to have a legal marriage. Looking at today's society, we can see that there is no good reason to deny gay couples the rights that straight couples have in getting marri ...view middle of the document...

So the argument that homosexuals should not marry because they cannot have children is entirely ridiculous.Adoption is considered a noble act, and it brings joy into the lives of many heterosexual parents and their adopted children. There is no reason why the same cannot happen for homosexual couples. I am sure that many homosexual couples in the U.S. are better parents than some heterosexual couples. The fact that there are people that cannot physically have children together does not mean that they have no parental instincts or would be incapable as parents. Thus, this argument against homosexual marriages cannot hold in America.The government of America recognizes marriage as a secular entity, and with homosexual unions we must make sure that we look at marriage in this way. Marriage in the eyes of the government consists of a legal license that states that it can look at two people as one unit. A court of law can perform a marriage, thereby eliminating all religious aspects of it. So, the government looks at a marriage simply as something that is put in the records.This decade is the time of the paper marriage. More people sign pre-nuptial agreements, make sure their spouse has a space on their insurance policies, and have their own line on tax forms. While this seems impersonal (can you imagine someone proposing with 'Will you be the answer to line #3a on my 1040 and W-2?'), the government must look at the entity marriage this way. Numbers and legal agreements are gender neutral, so government checks to make sure that all is well in those areas are feasible. But the spiritual part of marriage is for the couple involved, not the rest of society.What I've said until now makes it seem that marriage as a whole has lost all meaning to the country. This is not what I believe. Taking the religious implications of marriage away allows us...


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