A Not Entirely Benign Procedure... Four Years As A Medical Student

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The novel "A Not Entirely Benign Procedure... Four Years As A Medical Student" was written by Perri Klass. Perri Klass wrote the book in order to allow readers to understand how doctors are really trained from the perspective of a woman. Throughout the novel, Perri Klass described how she handled the pre-clinical years, clinical years, and hospital ethics and hierarchy during her four years in medical school. I for one enjoyed the novel, even though Perri Klass described her ...view middle of the document...

During the first year, Perri stated that she "focused on basic biology, anatomy, physiology, and cell biology", which gave me insight to the courses I myself will be experiencing when I become a medical student. Also, Perri's statement, "you can absolutely memorize your textbooks, you can earn a perfect score on every multiple choice test, but none of that leaves you equipped to take care of patients", really sank in because it helped me realize that their is more to being a good doctor than knowledge of medicine, there must also be a knowledge and compassion for people. Furthermore, when Perri discussed hospital ethics and issues her statement, "how much you think about them and how you think about them, help to shape you as a doctor", was very deep and meaningful to me. In my opinion, the way I think about different problems and ethics in health care, will determine what type of doctor I become.In conclusion, A Not Entirely Benign Procedure... Four Years As A Medical Student, an excellent novel. The author was a perfect source to describe some of the hardships that are encountered during medical school. After reading the novel I have a better understanding ofmedical school and also of myself since I want to become a doctor.

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