A One Thousand Word Story Inspired By A Three Word Story Composition Iv Short Story

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Patten 1
Cole Patten
Mrs. Gross
Composition IV
May 10, 2018
Nevertheless, he tried a third time. Despite his friend's warning's James approached the stray dog to try to pet it again. Both previous times the dog had barked at him and ran, seemingly afraid of James. However, none of this deterred James from his goal of capturing this dog. James had wanted a dog since he was a child, but was never afforded the opportunity of owning one, he saw this as the ideal time to get his dog. The dog was a border collie and it looked fairly young; the way it carried itself made it obvious that it was afraid of James, likely because of past experiences with humans, and James recognized this and was determined to change the dog's feelings towards humans…but he needed a plan.
Two long-time friends of James', Dom and Mal, were spectating these events; they found it rather hilarious. Behind all the giggles though neither Dom nor Mal wanted James to successfully acquire the canine and both discourage further attempts. When Mal was a child she contracted rabies from a dog after it bit her; she has been terrified of dogs ever since. Dom, on the other hand, drew his issues because he believed James was not responsible enough to take ownership of the animal. The couple warned James of how energetic and needy the border collie breed was and did their best to convince James otherwise of capturing the dog. Unfortunately for them, James had waited twenty-two years for this moment and he was not about to give up now. As a matter of fact, he had already grown so attached to the animal that he decided he would name it Philippa if it were a girl, and Arthur if it were a boy.
Back to James' plan: he needed to figure out what to do. Clearly his warm smile, inviting arms and soothing voice were not enough to coax to the dog, so he had to think, "What do I have that a dog wants?" He immediately whipped around to face Dom who was observing from the car, snacking on a Big Mac. James ran over to Dom, without losing sight of his hopeful companion, and ripped the back half of the iconic sandwich right out of Dom's hands. Dom was rather unhappy with James for stealing his burger but was growing self-conscious of his weight anyways, so he was okay with it. James snuck around the house the dog was roaming around and laid down the burger, without Philippa/Arthur noticing. Within seconds there was a gust of wind and the dog immediately jeered towards the burger and began to garble it. Taking advantage of the dog's distracted state, James tackled and restrained it. James was a scrawny guy, but he was so high on adrenaline was able to pick the dog right up and run it all the way to the car while it was whimpering. "Welcome to the family, Philippa!" he declared.
Part Two:
Epitaph: He shouldn’t have fed it. Dom knew this to be true, but he still thought it may be a bit to harsh to have been engraved...

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