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Samantha Oakes
Professor Kadas
Picture Palace by TIFF
A new​ ​exhibition called Picture Palace by TIFF curated by Cameron Bailey
In Toronto, Ontario.​ ​ It is an interactive space that will educate film buffs and will
also give the opportunity​ ​for them to make art themselves. The whole exhibition
is all about movies, the type​ ​of sets, the behind the scenes equipment, people
are also able to use some equipment​ ​to create there own piece.
Between​ ​social media and the cinema, Cameron Bailey says “A lot of the
mystery has been stripped​ ​away from the art we experience” Picture Palace is
described by the National​ ​Post as “larger-than-life” and “takes us back to basics
and the beginning of film history”​ ​everything is transparent to the world on how
the visual effects are created​ ​in movies and the lives of the actors are on display
as well. Bailey wants​ ​people “to play in the world of film and remind them of the
pleasure of it … and how​ ​cinema connects to this new world where there are
pictures all around us”, allowing​ ​people to gain first-hand knowledge on how this
form of art is created. The exhibition gives​ ​the opportunity to “make, edit and
share” their​ ​creations, Each corner of the exhibition is a different experience like
learning how​ ​a camera works, creating sound effects, experimenting with lighting
effects as well​ ​as a photo booth that allows them experimentation of filters and
photo​ ​camera effects.
I chose this​ ​exhibition because it is very much out of my comfort zone of
art. Like any​ ​other person, I love movies, I love the multitude of art forms that can
create movies,​ ​as well as the worlds that movies bring to life on screen. I have an
interest in​ ​behind the scenes of movies, live action movies as well as the different
types of animated​ ​movies. I find the process of how movies are made
fascinating, how​ ​each step can take so much time in order to get that one perfect
shot or the perfect run through.​ ​What I find most interesting about the exhibition
is the active role the viewer can have​ ​with the art, not only can I learn more about
how movies are made​ ​but also about how movie equipment is used.
The Picture Palace​ ​is significant to me because it shows movies in a
different light. I believe people​ ​don’t usually think of movies as an art form for the
most part, and though this exhibition​ ​makes me think more about art than
specifical entertainment.​ ​The separate pieces in the process that create movies
really shows how much time and energy​ ​that goes into these movies. What is
also​ ​fascinating is that the exhibition shows the history of movies and the history
of how equipment has​ ​changed along with how movies themselves have
Between social media​ ​and the cinema, the mystery in movies has faded
with time and normal processes​ ​that used to be secret are now in the open for
the public to view, everything is transparent​ ​to the world on how the visual effects
are created in movies and the lives of the actors are​ ​on display as well. Picture
Palace is extraordinary and is able to essentially take us back in​ ​time to when the
film first began, the exhibition allows people​ ​play with the art form and
experiment and create​ ​their own experience while at the same time remind
people of the fun and how film can​ ​connect anyone and everyone. This exhibition
allows people to gain first-hand knowledge of how this form​ ​of art is created. The
multitude of art forms that can be created with movies,​ ​as well as the worlds that
movies bring to life on screen are​ ​what I believe fascinates people and push
them to create films and explore​ ​new avenues of art through this medium. The
process of how movies are made is​ ​fascinating, how each step can take so much
time in order to get that one perfect shot or​ ​the perfect run through. I believe
people don’t usually think of movies as an art form for the most part,​ ​and though
this exhibition​ ​makes me think more about art than specifical entertainment. The
separate pieces in the process that​ ​create movies really shows how much time
and energy that goes into​ ​these movies.
Comparing this​ ​to my own artwork is a bit hard since Fibers and movies
have a considerably sizable difference.​ ​Fiber art as a fine art, there isn’t much
interactive-ness between the audience and the work of art,​ ​though it can engage
an audience it​ ​doesn’t have the effect as a movie can. Movies are boundless, the
reach movies have spread​ ​widely and have such a broad effect on people on
what feelings the audience will experience. As​ ​technology evolves the
experience will also​ ​change, currently there are movies that you use a headset
and will actually be inside the movie and​ ​each person will have a different
experience through that movie, there is also a movie that is​ ​entirely first person
and though it may not be the first one​ ​the use of newer and arguably better
technology makes the experience​ ​totally different and new. Trying to apply
anything to my fiber art could be difficult and a process​ ​to figure out. I primarily
have done environmental art and more specifically dealing​ ​with the ocean and
the creatures that inhabit​ ​the ocean, think of ways to use film to incorporate into
my own art I could simply make a video​ ​to some extent. I think what would be
more fun for me and possibly more interesting to the viewer is​ ​to somehow have
some type of​ ​installation with my fiber work but also have a projection of either
something natural like​ ​the ocean itself or a stop motion animation of a weaving
that would mimic the movement of​ ​the ocean.
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