A Paper On How To Be Safe

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PHS Culinary Lab Policies

Do not chew gum, eat candy, or drink beverages during labs.
Do not sit or lean on counters or equipment.
NEVER run.
Respect the workspace of those who work with you as well as those who come after.
Be responsible for cleaning your own equipment and work area. Keep work surfaces, tools, equipment, and sinks clean and
sanitized at all times.
Report missing, dirty, or broken equipment/tools as soon as possible.
Maintain personal cleanliness in the culinary lab at all times.
Shoes/feet placed only on floor or step stool.
Respect other classes and/or student's product. Only consume items that are designated for your own lab station and period.
Make sure to follow lab regulations whether written or verbal AND in or out of class time.
Stay engaged!

Shower, bathe, wash hair on the day you are to work in the lab.
Use a clean apron and hair cover for each lab experience. Provided head cover should be worn at all times.
Hair should be pulled back, away from the face. If hair is longer than shoulder length, it should be tied up.
Do not wear dangling earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.
All cuts or wounds on hands need to be covered with a glove during food prep.
Avoid touching your hair or face while working with food. Wash hands immediately afterward.
Wash your hands with warm soap and water before working with food, after using the restroom, after coughing or sneezing, or at
any time when handling might cause cross-contamination. Hands should be washed in the hand sinks only.

Use paper towels, not dish towels, to dry your hands.
Do not lick your fingers.
Notify your teacher of ANY injuries as soon as possible.


NEVER lick spoons, spatulas, beaters, etc. Use a sampling spoon or fork/toothpick to test for degree of doneness or for amount of
seasoning. Any spoon or fork placed in mouth before further food sampling must be properly cleaned and sanitized.

Observe special instructions for handling, preparation, and storage of fresh foods.
Always clean and sanitize equipment, tools, and work surfaces before beginning preparation of a new food item.
Keep foods tightly covered, labelled and stored at proper temperatures when not in use.
Most food waste should be disposed of in the lined garbage can near your work station. All garbage bowls must be emptied and washed at the end of each lab session.

PHS Culinary Lab Policies


Ask the instructor when in doubt as to whether to store or discard leftovers.
Anything stored in the refrigerators or freezers should be covered or wrapped tightly, labeled, and dated. Always store raw meat
items in a restaurant pan placed at the bottom of refrigerators.

Portions of butter or other solid dairy items should be wrapped in clear plastic/baggie and placed in the designated area of the
refrigerator. AND DATED AND LABELED.

Anything placed...

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