A Piece Of Paper By Kruschen Karl Evangelista English 1 A Narrative Essay

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Evangelista 1
Kruschen Karl Evangelista
Ms. Tino-Sandoval
English 1A
24 Sep 2018
A Piece of Paper
In front of me was a blank piece of paper, wondering how am I supposed to finish my essay. The humming sound of silence completely disturbed me, neither a word or a topic came into my mind. I had been thinking for an hour straight. Starting to feel bothered, I was so frustrated that I wanted to crumple and tear the paper into pieces. However, staring at a blank page made me realized how important it was. A piece of paper, a small thing, had the capability of connecting one’s life to another. A realization that this little thing became a big part of my life.
When I was kid, I received a letter that I had been waiting for. It was from my mother. I was bouncing up and down with enthusiasm the moment I got it. However, I waited until night before reading the letter. It was my first bedtime story ever. The time came, I was getting ready for bed. My heart was pounding, and I even heard drumrolls inside my head. The letter was folded three times with a unique, red stamp on it. It was about same as a typical paper size. But the paper she used was old and smelled like a page from an antique book. As soon as I opened the letter, I noticed her handwriting. She had the best penmanship I had ever seen. I was pretty sure that she used a thick ink pen that the thin paper could barely absorb. “My dearest son” that was the first three words I saw in the letter. I got goosebumps everywhere. I felt like I heard her voice whispered into my ears “How are you? I heard that you are doing good at school”. Yes, I was doing good at school. In fact, I participated in all music and sports competition at school. However, my mom was not able to watch every competition I ever had. Still, I did everything just to make my mom happy.
While reading the letter, I got a few flashbacks of some memories together with my mother and it was quite overwhelming yet fun. I remember the time when I did terrible things, she had this punishment for me- facing the wall for nearly two hours while kneeling on a mat full of beans. But I also remember the time when I was sick, she was th...


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